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Vista was incorporated as a city in 1963. The book 50 Fabulous Places to Raise Your Family listed Vista as the 7th best place to live in the country, based on its highly-rated school system, weather, and business climate.

Vista is 7 miles from the Pacific Ocean and 35 miles north of San Diego, in the northern part of San Diego County. The climate is comfortable year-round, classified as a Mediterranean climate (as is most of Southern California) -- daily average highs range from 71 (January) to 85 (August), daily lows from 50 degrees (January) to 60 (August), and seasonal rainfall is only 13 inches.

Vista's population of almost 90,000 is fairly young, with a median age of only 301, and in line with much of the San Diego area, is almost 40% Hispanic/Latino. The median household income is almost $40,000, and one quarter of residents over 25 have at least a bachelors degree.

Almost 45% of households have children under 18 -- hence the city's 13 elementary schools, four middle schools, two high schools, an adult education school, and even a magnet school for the arts. In addition, there are also over 20 colleges and universities in the nearby towns, including a branch of California State University. Vista also has a charter school which serves grades 6 through 12.

Vista is also home of a Japanese Cultural Center and Temple, one of only two in California, and over 75 other churches and temples of various denominations. There are over 15 city parks with different accomodations for picnicking, festivals, and outdoor musical theatre.

Parts of Vista are rural, and agriculture is still a leading element of the local economy. However, it still has much to offer to any growing family, and is the second-fastest growing community in San Diego County.

1This may partially reflect its proximity to Camp Pendleton Marine Base.


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