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The Vodka Triangle is a imaginary world filled with beautiful people and fabulous evenings spent swilling Ketel One martinis and being seen. The magic portal into this fairy land is located in Hillsboro Village in Nashvegas. The Three Pillars of this magic vortex are Sunset Grille, The Trace, and temporarily Jackson's. The third pillar is constantly changing due to the fickle world of the restaurant business. The last true pillar was The Iguana which went belly up Spring of 2001. A new Tex-Mex place should be opening soon in its place.

Not unlike the Bermuda Triangle, the Vodka Triangle has it's own nasty little side effects. Time displacement. Spatial determination problems. Tendency to lose equilibrium. Loss of memory and sometimes . . .Permament Disappearance. It is a world no one has ever returned from. Sometimes - you might catch a glimpse of that other dimension as you cross the Pancake Pantry's parking lot. You might think you see a shimmering rift that looks like a door into the Ultimate Place to Be - but once you reach that door - you find you are not on The List. This is the kind of place that would kick God out for not wearing a tie. Anyway, after a couple of said martinis - it is no surprise that one can see through time.

But once you have spent a few nights in the loving embrace of the Triangle - you won't want to escape. And if you do somehow manage to stumble out of the black hole, you'll never remember how you did it.

Amelia Earheart didn't disappear - she's meeting Hoffa for martinis at The Trace.

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