As my great grand Holiday gesture to this charming little community I took it upon myself to embark upon a little project commemmorating their fine, uh, oration.

That's right. Voices of Everythingians was a great idea, but it needed to be taken further. Cheesier. Arranged in a punchy sequence to an incessant and infantile drum beat. If there ever was one man truly equipped to take on this perverse task, surely it was I. And following epic and lame struggles between outmoded technology and the remnants of my tattered sense of good taste I produced this masterwork, the creme de Voices of Everything finally boiled down to their sordid essence yesterday afternoon on radlab0's old box, which is now thoroughly ashamed to be seen in public with me.

Unless some horrible mistake was made, almost everyone who has contributed to voices of everythingians is therein represented - Impulse Tracker likes to use .WAV format for its samples, and my computer doesn't like to decontruct MP3s down to .WAVs - so anyone whose VoE contribution took the ultimate form of an MP3 was out of luck. For this version. Sorry baffo, yam... but this gave me a good excuse not to sample myself, also 8)

As a personal challenge, in the song I used only samples originating from those recordings - turning little wheezes and percussive consonant sounds into little drum beats. If you don't hear yourself, it's possible that no more than a syllable of yours occurs in the composition - or that your sounds appear sped up, slowed down, played backwards or very quietly, while the grunts and squeals of other people are being played. I can assure you, your lovely loony voices were weighed with intents for only the fairest and most even distribution of occurrences.

Now. There are other trackers here on e2. Some of them may even be better than me. Most of them are no doubt sane enough to permit the use of non-noder samples - remixes of all types and styles are encouraged, with the phatter beats the better. (Too bad all the .WAVs we have to deal with are lousily recorded from lossy telephone connections.)

By popular demand I will (or won't, depending on the response) produce another one of these from any new VoE submissions over the coming year - as if being heard by your fellow noders wasn't sufficient incentive to call in and make funny noises, now you have the added promise (threat?) of having goofy techno made from your hesitations and exclamations.

Update: It's up in all its, ahem, glory!

For better examples of this genre of music (tracking with decontextualised vocal samples) I encourage you to check out 1995's "The Phone Call", by Ryan + Dave of Trideja ( Update! Oct '06: ) or the infamous and unforgettable Stevspam at Track on!

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