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WMHD, 90.5 FM, Terre Haute, "The Monkey". The on-campus college radio station at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Also known as the "300 Watt Blowtorch" due to its finesse (minimal power output), WMHD is said to stand for "magneto hydrodynamic". As far as I know, nearby Scum Pond is not a tapped source of energy, but I wouldn't put it past the wacky engineers at RHIT.

WMHD, at least in 1993, lived in the basement of BSB dorm. The station manager insisted that the transmitter output was never supposed to be raised above 50%, supposedly because the equipment would burn out if we were to be so reckless in our power consumption. I'm happy to report that we cranked it up to 99% every Monday night with no consequences except for intefering with the phones directly under the broadcast antenna.

When fully cranked, we could receive WMHD clearly into Brazil, Indiana and over at St Mary's. Of course, who would want to reach those scary Woodsies?

WMHD also features a mixing studio, and a couple of really big amplifiers for parties. It's best two uses, besides being an excuse to skip Calculus, are to tune multiple rooms to the same mix for campus-wide parties, and the ever-popular "what's the reverbrational frequency of a dorm?" experiment.

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