Professional wrestling television show.

Smackdown is one half of World Wrestling Entertainment's main wrestling programming (WWE Raw being the other). It is taped every Tuesday night and broadcast on UPN on Thursday evenings in the US, or on Saturday nights on Sky Sports in the UK.

Smackdown is hosted by Michael Cole and Tazz, and is used extensively to further the angles and storylines of the WWE. For obvious reasons, it is known (by The Rock at least) as 'The Rock's Show'.

Smackdown has been broadcast regularly since July 1999, after a successful pilot in May of that year (in which Shane McMahon formed the Corporate Ministry).

Following the brand extension in the spring of 2002, Smackdown now has its own roster, champions and General Manager in the form of Stephanie McMahon. At the time of writing, its top stars are Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker and Chris Benoit.

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