What Would wertperch Do?

If it were an E2 writeup under question, in line with wertperch's editorial policy, wertperch would probably be doing one of four things.

wertperch also believes in the power of telepathy, so would sit at his monitor, beaming powerful waves of thought at the hapless noder in an attempt to communicate. Oh, no. Sorry. He'd use the blab widget or a private message. I believe strongly in feedback.

He would not add useless softlinks to it, nor witter on in the catbox about it.

Come to that, wertperch would not add silly writeups to crowded GTKY nodes, drop silly, unexplicated one-line quotes into a node and call it a "factual writeup", or carry out NFN lyric listing of obscure albums, just because he can.

He would periodically go through his writeups and judiciously prune out the dross, not necessarily just looking at low reps, but asking "is this noding for the ages"?. He would always spellcheck his new writeups, and proofread them. Actually, he still makes mistakes, but then he's only human. I think.

For everything else, he would eat it, drink it, hug it or kick it (in the cases, in order, of comestibles, potables, real live human beings and cats*).

* Disclaimer: It is important to read this. I love cats. Big cats, little cats, white cats, black cats, cats-of-many-colours. This is a pipelink, people.

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