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Wahine is a word meaning woman, girl, and wife in some Polynesian languages, most notably in Hawaiian and Maori. Wahine can be pronounced either as wah-hee-nee or wah-hee-ney. Other Polynesian languages use related words; in Tahitian the word vahine is used, in Samoan and Tongan, fafine.

The word has been taken up by the surfer subculture, where it is also used to mean a woman, especially when referring to a female surfer.

It should also be noted that Wahine can also be a surname, as with the former Hawaiian Governor, John Wahine and there have been a number of boats named Wahine, including one that sank in the well-known Wahine disaster.

For those of you who care, in Hawaiian 'man' is kane; in Samoan it's tamaloa.

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