This is a show on CBS about Walker, who is a Texas Ranger. Every week he foils a bad guy plot to kill someone or distribute drugs to the good people of Texas. Walker always wins, because hey, it's his show.

It's famous for its long fight scenes with no point in the plot whatsoever. On tonight's episode, he got in a fight with some guys in a store for literally no reason at all. I turned my attention to my Mountain Dew for a second, and Walker was kicking someone when I returned. Whenever he tries to arrest someone, he ends up beating the crap out of them. I've stopped wathing to show as much as I used to because I just want to scream "SHOOT HIM YOU MORON!!!!".

A very popular show, even on this side of the Pond - that is, if your notion of "popular" is limited to lumpenproletariat. Anyone who left school after the age of 16 would not want to be caught watching that stuff

That thing is frightening. I mean, really frightening. It's a good thing that almost nobody here understands southern American English, because the soundtrack would really scare the hell out of any continental European :

    Cos' the eyes of the Ranger are upon you
    And what you'll do he's gonna see
    When in Texas, you'd better look behind you
    Cos' that's where the Ranger's gonna be.

"There are exactly two kinds of people in the world : Good Guys and Bad Guys. Good Guys' job is to clean Bad Guys from the surface of the free world by any possible mean (especially including violence), because after all, the Bad Guys do not deserve to live - if God had put a human soul in them they would be Good Guys, wouldn't they ?"

This sounds pretty much like showing a big board with "Advice to wannabe-rightist dictators : excellent opportunities on the Texan market" written on it.

Sometimes it is a rather unfortunate thing to live in the state of Texas. Weather fluctuates wildly. The educational system is a mess(the universities are not that bad some are very good). There is a tendency to worship leaders on the right. All this aside, Texas can be either tolerable or a great place to live depending on your point of view. This was not the case while Walker was at its peak. I had many moments where I suffered in miserable silence (that is another thing about Texas, diversity of opinion is not really encouraged).

He was everywhere. At the time I would flip through the supposedly local radio stations and what would I hear being discussed; yes, the latest episode of Walker, Texas Ranger.

I would go home to visit mom and dad and while they did not watch the show, they would watch the local affiliate who carried it. Of course this local affiliate would advertise this dubious offering, that I pray was forced on them because surely they did not wish for this, and I would catch a glimpse of Chuck Norris or hear the theme song; which made squeaky brakes sound like a symphony. This was always enough to make me wish I had been sent to some famed psychiatric facility like Bellevue. I think I even begged my mother to send me away. The reason I gave for wanting to be sent away is that whenever I heard about anything pertaining to the show I had images of burning down the house that belonged to the studio executive who gave the green light to this show, and I am not prone to violence.

In Texas you have all kinds of people. Unfortunately, it seemed like I only bumped into people who could not imagine how they made it this far in life without the show. While at the convenience store fueling my vehicle, it seemed like there was always someone pulling up to the pump next to me, driving a massive tank with those damn strobe lights or whatever they were called-affixed to the grill. It would make me wish I had not used my credit card to prepay because to run away would mean I would have wasted a few dollars so instead I tried my best to think pleasant thoughts; like amputation and chronic disease.

Texas is not so bad now since the show has withered away. It has resorted to being tolerable again, most of the time anyway.

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