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Magic: The Gathering card. Information from Magic: The Database

Card Title: Wall of Soy
Card Type: Summon Soy
Color: Pasty greyish white
Edition(s): Soy
Artist(s): Jepson Vash
Casting Cost: 1U
Power/Toughness: 0/4
Rarity: more common than you'd want.

Card Text: (Walls cannot attack. No shit.. what a dumb thing to say...) If Wall of Soy blocks any creatures, they begin vomiting or pass out with disgust. If creatures are vegan-type, they will eat the wall of soy. Flavor Text: "Soy! Soy! Soy! soy makes me vomit! vomit crushes enemies! soy!" -Karn, butt golem

Rulings: This card was declared stupid, by your mom
Info: Color=white Type=nasty - Wall Cost= a whole lot more than you'd expect, at the Berkeley whole foods. SH(U1) Text(SH+errata): 0/4.
(Walls can't attack. Again.. this is stupid) ; Whenever ~this~ blocks a creature, you may cook and eat it, unless you are vegan. Oracle 99/05/01
Only vegan creatures which live through the combat are returned to their owner's hand.
Duelist Magazine #25, Page 31
Note - Also see Walls, Rule K.25.
Card Rulings dated March 23, 2000

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