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not really a major warning, but there are some minor minor spoilers in here that you would find out early in the movies anyway

In Nick Park's claymation movie series Wallace and Gromit, Wallace is a cheese-loving inventor who goes on wacky adventures with his dog Gromit. When he's not busy washing windows in his motorized contraption or in his basement lab constructing a rocket for a trip to the moon, Wallace can often be seen reading the paper in a cozy green armchair in his living room or enjoying a bit of cheese.

Wallace's inventions are much like those of Dick Van Dyke's character in Disney's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; they're usually intended to make life a little easier, like Wallace's breakfast contraption that allows one to go from lying in bed to having some "cracking toast" at the dining table fully dressed, all with merely the push of a button.

While using one of his inventions to run a window-washing service, Wallace falls in love with the owner of a small yarn shop, Wendoline. She only appears in this movie, A Close Shave, and it is not a happy ending as the two part after Wendoline reveals that she is not very partial to cheese. Wallace does not ever appear to have any other friends or acquaintances, besides Gromit.

Of the pair, Wallace is definitely not the smarter; despite his genius at invention, he seems rather a simpleton in most other capacities, as can be seen in The Wrong Trousers when he is completely taken in by Feathers McGraw's rubber glove disguise.

Feathers is an evil penguin who supplants Gromit when Wallace takes him in as a boarder, leaving the poor dog to fend completely for himself. If he had not been under the influence of the evil Feathers, however, Wallace would not normally have neglected his dear friend Gromit; he is as good as he knows how to the speechless dog, and they joyfully share cheese and good times together in each movie.

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