Running from 1968-1974, the musical variety show Walt Applebaum's Compliant Family was one of the most wholesome things ever on television.

Coming as a response to the awful depravity of Laugh In, Walt Applebaum, a preacher of some kind who lived in the woods with his family, was given his own musical variety show in which to showcase a true blue American family. It was great to watch. Songs were catchy and the attention to detail was perfect. When you saw his five homespun daughters in their gingham dresses, pressed into wonderful garters, with no makeup but a careworn look on their faces as their dead eyes recited poetry men had written while saying, "The only true poets were white men of a certain age," as explication for the poetry. It was great to see them not freelance and say what was on their minds. Compliance in family is important as we move this country forward. That compliance needs to be achieved by any and all means possible.

The show always began with what is called in the modern parlance a "cold open" which usually featured one or more of the daughters standing on stage. The bruises on their arms and faces covered with pancake makeup, they were brave as they fought through the shakes they always had (but kept control of so father did not become totally enraged) and nervously talked about how wonderful and accomplished their father was. Great to see!

The eldest of the two sons, Abraham, is obviously being groomed by his father before he starts his own family. This way they keep the family traditions alive, which is always good to see. You can tell the other children have learned to be compliant with all his directions as well. At one point during a dance number, Ester, one of the daughters, messed up her steps. Abraham took her backstage while the others finished the number. She returned later with fresh bruises and a new attitude. Her compliance for the rest of the program was admirable.

One of my all time favorite episodes was Christmas of 1972. Esau, the younger son, had run away a few weeks before. Audience members poured in with their thoughts and prayers. Those prayers were answered in beautiful fashion when Esau returned on Christmas Eve. His left hand was mangled and his voice was much higher, but compliance had returned to his eyes. It is explained through a voiceover that Esau found it difficult to make it in The Hippie World and was attacked by illegal immigrant hippies who beat him and stole the watch he got from Jesus on his fifth birthday before mangling his hand in their rabble rousing headquarters. Throughout the episode you can see him being completely submissive to Abraham and his father. At no point in the remainder of the show's far too short run does he step out of line again. Moving story that captures the true spirit of the holidays.

After the liberals framed Richard M. Nixon for crimes he didn't commit and drove him out of office, it wasn't long before Walt Applebaum was taken off television. He was framed and convicted of mail fraud and soliciting prostitution from a minor in what was an obvious case of entrapment. No man can withstand the seductive power of a twelve-year-old in a t-shirt and jeans asking for directions to Six Flags. The treatment Walt Applebaum received when the liberals took over is our nation's greatest shame. I was at the time bewildered by how fast the liberals were destroying America when the 1980s began in the fall of 1974.

Walt Applebaum would die in 1989 of a broken heart when the last family member to remain compliant with his orders, Esau, broke away from the pack and married a black woman. This came three years after Abraham Applebaum hung himself after the daughters went on Barbara Walters and told made up stories about their supposedly "abusive" father and implicated Abraham as well. It was a sad end to what may have been the last wholesome American family. Hopefully, as we move forward on our current course we can cultivate families like the Applebaums once again.

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