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This is the possible name of "The Unknown Rebel," as the media calls him. The man who, alone, stopped a procession of tanks in Tiananmen Square on June 5th, 1989. Armed with only anger, courage, and his groceries, he made a stand and was seen by the whole world (including you). When the lead tank swerved to the left, so did he. To the right, and he followed. When the tank finally stopped, he climbed on top and yelled at the driver. This is what he reportedly said:

"Why do you come to my city? You have brought only misery. We do not need you. You go back!"

While the suspiciously bad translation suggests that this whole quote is a product of the media's imagination, words were shared. Whether the military would have retaliated against him or not we will never know, as Wang Weilin (if that is your real name) was pulled to safety by the crowd.

The Unknown Rebel has not been seen by the world at large since. He may be dead, in jail, or continuing his otherwise normal life. When asked about Wang Weilin, Jiang Zemin, President of the PRC, replied "I think never killed."

Some are hesitant to call Wang Weilin a hero. However, I think everyone will agree that though he looked small when compared to the tanks, he's got bigger balls than all of us.

(for more information, see Tiananmen Square Massacre)

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