An amazing charity founded in 1996 that gives business clothing to disadvantaged women in Alameda and Contra Costa counties in California to prepare them for the workforce.

Clothes are an integral part of the problem of unemployment, as a recent survey showed that 47% of welfare recipients stated that the reason they couldn't find employment was because they didn't have the right clothes for work. New clothes improve their image and self-esteem, as well as their marketability. Women are referred to this organization by homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters, as well as many more organizations. Wardrobe for Opportunity works closely with many job training programs as well.

Each client recieves two interviewing outfits when she has an interview and a working wardrobe when she gets the job.

They accept monetary and clothing contributions, and is almost entirely volunteer run. 80% of the clients served successfully secured employment that pays at least 8-15$ an hour.

Another charity that is very similar in the New York area is

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