Warren County is located in north western New Jersey. It is not what people typically picture when they think about New Jersey. When I was little, Warren County was mostly corn fields and cow pastures.

It was kind of a geopoliticial accident that prevented Warren County from being swallowed up in the urban sprawl belching forth from Newark and New York. Warren County sits astride U.S. Interstate 80 and U.S. Interstate 78, which both feed the Newark/New York metropolitan area. As people pushed westward on the front of urban sprawl from the east, they hopped over Warren County, trading 10-15 minutes of commute time for lower taxes and proximity to the Poconos in Pennsylvania.

Alas, this happy situation is quickly coming to an end, and would be sub-urbanites are now filling in this once pristine land with their large, over-priced houses built on plot of 1 acre or less. Combined with the domination of agriculture by big business, I am afraid that the Warren County I grew up in is doomed.

If you are ever in the area, do check out the Delaware Water Gap. It is keen.

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