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The first album released by Blues artist Ted Hawkins. The picture on the cover shows him with his guitar with a prison (California State Medical Facility at Vacaville) in the background, because he was doing time when the album was released. Originally released in 1982 by Rounder Records, although some of the material was recorded as early as 1971.

Ted Hawkins--vocal and guitar

Elizabeth Hawkins--vocal on "Don't Lose Your Cool" and "I Gave Up All I Had"

On "Watch Your Step", "Sweet Baby" and "Who Got My Natural Comb?":

      Philip Walker--lead guitar, vocal on "Sweet Baby" and "Who Got My Natural Comb?"
      Arthur Woods--piano
      Ollie "Count" Gaines--bass
      Dennis Walker--bass on "Who Got My Natural Comb?"
      Johnny Tucker--Drums
      David Li--saxaphone
      Mel Moore--trumpet
      Ina Bea Walker and Jimmy Grisby--backup vocals on "Bring It Home Daddy"

Track list:

  1. Watch Your Step (acoustic version)
  2. Bring It Home Daddy
  3. If You Love Me
  4. Don't Lose Your Cool
  5. The Lost Ones
  6. Who Got My Natural Comb?
  7. Peace and Happiness
  8. Sweet Baby
  9. Stop Your Crying
  10. Put In a Cross
  11. Sorry You're Sick
  12. Watch Your Step (band version)
  13. TWA
  14. I Gave Up All I Had
  15. Stay Close to Me

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