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Watercourse Way Bathhouse Spa is a lovely Asian-themed, well, bathhouse and spa located in Palo Alto, California.

165 Channing Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94301
(650) 462-2000

Sunday – Thursday 8am – 11:30pm
Friday and Saturday 8am – 12:30am

Watercourse Way offers private hot tubs by the hour, several varieties of massage (including hot stone and deep tissue), and a number of spa treatments and skin care packages.

Although it is sometimes jokingly called "Intercourse Way" or "The Old Soak&Poke", Watercourse Way is actually a very nice, classy, upscale place.  Before my first visit, I was somewhat nervous, knowing the sort of "reputation" places with hot tubs often have.  But, the desire for a soak in a nice, warm jetted tub won over, and I went anyway.  The experience was wonderful, the place was clean, soothing, and well maintained, and Watercourse Way is now one of my favorite places to go to relax.  I have only been to the hot tubs, and have not tried their spa or massage services yet, but fully intend to one of these days. 

Watercourse has 9 private rooms, each with a different theme and features:
One Pine: Multi-Jetted Wood Tub, Sauna & Cold Plunge
Two Stones: Multi-Jetted Spa & Sauna
Three Trillium: Multi-Jetted Tiled Spa
Four Waterouzels: Multi-Jetted Tiled Spa
Five Fish: Multi-Jetted Tiled Spa
Six Dragonflies: Multi-Jetted Wood Tub, Steam & Cold Plunge
Seven Clouds: Treatment Room
Eight Stars: Multi-Jetted Spa, Sauna & Cold Plunge
Nine Bats: Multi-Jetted Spa, Steam & Cold Plunge  (Nine Bats is my personal favorite of all the rooms I've tried to date. It is GORGEOUS.)

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