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The third episode of the first series of the BBC TV comedy I'm Alan Partridge.

In this episode we see Alan trying to regain his identity as “a bloody bloke!” after being ditched by his wife for a younger, fitter man. Quite a bit happens to Alan during the episode. The opening scene involves Alan insulting the whole farming industry, later he openly admits being intrigued by ladyboys, but is ashamed to admit that he actually watched the porn channel in his room. The main storyline is Alan filming a shambolic corporate video for a boating holiday company. The filming process brings Alan into contact with some other blokes (played by Simon Pegg and Peter Baynham) and after spending weeks alone in his Travel Tavern room, Alan makes the most of the company. He drinks himself sick in 45 minutes on a combination of lager, gin and tonics and Bailey’s, a combination Alan calls a 'ladyboy'.

During the filming of the video we see some farmers in the background hurling abuse at Alan for his earlier comments on the state of the farming industry. The following morning on his radio show Alan is joined by a representative of the Norfolk Farmers' Union, played by Chris Morris. All he wants is for Alan to retract his comments but instead Alan further insults farmers, accusing them of breeding ”twenty-foot high chickens, because of all the chemicals you put in them.

Whilst trying to finish the filming for the corporate video, things come to a head. As Alan sails under a bridge occupied by infuriated farmers they drop a dead cow on him, trapping him on the deck.

Although injured and unable to move his arms because he is firmly strapped to a stretcher, Alan finishes the video shoot with the aid of a stand-in’s arm. Is Alan doing this because he has a sense of professional pride? – or is he doing it merely to fulfil his contract and ensure he gets paid, rather than them re-shooting the whole video with Cliff Thorburn?

Alan isn’t too badly hurt and we see him later in his room calling reception asking, ”Can you make pornography come on my telly please?

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www.alan-partridge.co.uk was used as a reference

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