Australian footballer, captain of the North Melbourne side now known as the kangaroos. A rather good centre half forward, and unfortunately also a complete arsehole.

Nicknamed "roo boy" after starring in a series of advertisements for Nike that called him the same thing.

More popularly nicknamed "The Groper" after being accused of grabbing a woman's breasts and suggesting that she "grow some tits".

Update March 14, 2002:
Wayne Carey is currently the centre of a public scandal. It seems he was caught in an unfortunate position with his best friend's wife at a party. It transpired that Wayne has been having an affair with this woman since before he was married to his "childhood sweetheart" some 18 months ago. The North Melbourne Football Club team members basically gave the club an ultimatum, either Carey leaves, or they do.

Typically, all most Melburnians are concering themselves with is whether or not he'll play football again, not the fact that a very public figure has finally shown his true colours.

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