Formerly a student at Simon's Rock College. In mid December of 1992, Lo obtained a semi-automatic rifle and bullets and started shooting around campus. Luckily, in a way, his rifle was cheap and jammed, but not soon enough. He killed two people, Nacunan Saez and Galen Gibson, and wounded several others, including a security guard. Shortly after his rifle jammed, he surrendered to the police.

At his trial, Lo claimed he was hearing voices from God, telling him to "punish the sinners." A jury didn't buy it, and sentenced Lo to life in prison, without possibility of parole. He recently appealed his conviction on the grounds that the black psychologist who said he was sane to stand trial was biased by his racist opinions. An appeals court didn't buy that, either. He'll spend the rest of his life in jail.

There were a lot of tragic elements to this whole story, but one of the worst is that Lo purchased his bullets mail-order, and they were intercepted by the mail room at Simon's Rock. The school's dean, Bernie Rodgers, questioned Lo about the package. He claimed they were a Christmas present for his father. Simon's Rock being a very trusting place at the time, Rodgers returned the bullets in their sealed package. Later, there were warnings that Lo was planning something, but they came too late.

In addition to two lives, Lo also took Simon's Rock's innocence. The Rock was a much more trusting place before that night, and unfortunately had to change. You can't hide from reality forever.

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