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Tomorrow we'll be back to normal. We can pretend it never happened, that none of this happened. We can pass each other on the corridor, and nod and act like you never kissed me.

We can pretend we didn't have that last glass of wine, that you didn't touch me like that. We can pretend that I didn't respond.

It'll probably be better if we do.

But that's tomorrow.

For tonight we're here, together. Nobody can see us, or hear us, nobody will ever know what we do behind this door.

They won't see how our limbs tangle, or how our tongues entwine. They'll never know how my body moved over yours, or see the marks that your fingernails leave on my back

They can't hear you moan, and they won't listen to the words I use to beg you not to stop. Even when I scream it will be for your ears alone.

We've got tonight, just for us.

Tommorrow, we can pretend to be indifferent. Tonight, let's pretend to be in love.

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