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We Are Robots (http://www.wearerobots.com) is a series of Flash animations created by Brian Frisk, proprietor of the independent multimedia company Extrabad (http://www.extrabad.com).

Essentially, each of the movies tells the story of a particular robot and their life. They are shot in the style of a reality television show, replete with interviews followed by carefully edited episodes to heighten the satirical nature of the episodes.

The following robots' lives are available for viewing:

  • Angrybot - A high school music teacher who tells his students to "eat bleach and die" as homework and revels in describing the majority of the people he meets as "turds."
  • Robokopf - "I am the greatest artist of the world today." When not bemoaning his current job as an electronics salesman, he paints melodramatic self-portraits that demand praise and admiration.
  • Sad Robot - An unusually emotional robot. Attends therapy, where he displays his mastery of fatalism and attention-seeking.
  • Tendertron - "What I really want to do is change the world. Through dance." Trying her to best to be inoffensive - with a dash of a mean streak beneath her soft heart - Tendertron works as an at-risk counselor at the local high school.
  • Keg-O-Matic - The party bot that's a few transistors short of a circuit. Insensitive, ignorant, and apparently inflammable.
  • Bizbot - Working hard or hardly working? It's hard to tell with this jargon-spewing, paradigm-shifting blowhard on the scene. At least he means well ...
  • Geekbot - The robo-asthmatic Geekbot enjoys conspiracy theories, the Jedi religion, and using his job as computer lab tech to control freak on his power-challenged peers.

What sets this animation apart from the sheer breadth of independent productions across the web is the inventive humor and unique production quality. All of the character designs aren't just limited to their faces - the backgrounds and other characters all provide the perfect complement to these already-hilarious shorts.

There are plans in the works to do a new episode about a sad automaton named Gothbot - let's hope it's sooner rather than later.

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