We are the citizens of the internet.

We built this internet around our own personal tastes in an free, unrestricted medium. We designed this world to be what WE wanted it to be.


We REFUSE to censor ourselves to protect YOUR children. We DID NOT invite them to come on board, we DID NOT ask for them to look around, we WILL NOT change ourselves just because your children are here.

The internet is not a babysitting service. It was not designed as a daycare center. You, as parents, are responsible to educate your children in the areas of what you want them to interpret as right and what you want them to interpret as wrong.

We are not trained as child psychologists. We are not to be held responsible for your child's actions. If you are concerned about your children's safety online, watch over them YOURSELF. Do NOT expect us to do so for you.

You wouldn't dump your kids in the middle of New York City and expect the city to change for your kids.

You wouldn't leave your kids in the zoo and expect the hyenas to leave them alone.

You wouldn't take your kids to a dive bar and expect the bar to clean it's act to suit your needs.

Do not expect the internet to become your kid's playground. We did not make it that way.

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