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Wean Hall is an academic building at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Specifically, it houses the departments of Mathematical Science and Computer Science. It is also Pittsburgh's largest building to be made entirely of concrete. However, Wean Hall only achieved this honor upon the implosion of Three Rivers Stadium, previously the city's largest such building, in 2001.

Wean Hall is connected to the adjacent Doherty Hall (which contains faculty offices for Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Biology) via a series of hallways and stairwells that are placed at their junction. Sometimes, this is confusing. However, it creates an ideal setup for the games of Capture the Flag with Stuff that are played in the two buildings. Near the juncture, one also finds Architect's Leap.

Wean Hall is eight stories high, with no two floors having identical layouts (though 6,7, and 8 are pretty similar). In addition to the connections to Doherty Hall at five floors (one of which includes an outdoor access at the ground level), the building can be accessed through the main entrance on the fifth floor, as well as two doors in fourth-floor stairwells and a little-used back door on the diminutive first floor.

Wean Hall has one great claim to fame, and it has to do with the concrete construction. Evidently, whenever a building is made from concrete, it must have holes bored into it at regular intervals. As luck would have it, these holes are identical in size to plastic bottle caps. Consequently, Wean Hall holds the world record for most bottle caps stuck in holes in a building. Although, I’m not sure if that is certified or not.

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