I was in church on Easter Sunday a couple years ago, and there was some girl who I suspect was in her late teens who was wearing a one-shouldered top that fit rather closely sitting a few rows ahead of me. I know that it fit rather closely because I could see the outline of her bra distinctly beneath the shirt...a normal bra with only one strap in use, the other inside the shirt. It looked bad enough from behind, and you could see the derelict strap dangling trapped in the probably-a-size-too-small shirt.

It got worse. On our way out, I saw her from the front...one boob was a good two inches higher than the other. I really wanted to say something but decided it was a bad idea what with me being a guy and all. I didn't want to look but it was so funny looking and distracting that it was hard not to. Poor girl...I really was hoping someone would tell her, but it sure wasn't gonna be me. I'm no expert, not being female, but it was obvious to me that this was not the right bra for this outfit.

At the beginning of last summer, I noticed a disturbing trend as hot weather began to sweep into North Texas. Now, I know that a lot of you girls pay a lot of attention to the clothing you wear, and many of you pay close attention to what you wear with what. However, there has been a disturbing trend that I wish to help you girls avoid.

The trend is that as they had been changing into their summer shirts, girls had been wearing the wrong bras. Now don't get me wrong, I understand the need for clothes which suit the weather. The problem is that lots of girls I was seeing around have been wearing bras with very prominent lace or embroidery or something that is raised from the surface. This makes their boobs look very lumpy, sort of like how some bras have a seam that is very visible beneath a shirt, except all over the entire bust (or what portion the bra happens to be covering). The bra may be fine under a jacket, sweater, or a thicker shirt, but it does not work for close-fitting T-shirts of moderate to thin material, especially in lighter colors. It just looks like lumpy boobs, and it looks bizarre.

I certainly don't object to lace or otherwise fancy bras, just wear them responsibly.

Please, avoid the lumpy boob look. Wear a bra that suits the shirt.

Thank you.

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