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Also known as WebFear by users. Version 4.0 is better but it still needs work. To be fair, Java Application Servers as a whole pretty much bite. IMHO, Websphere is simply not stable enough as it tends to spawn runaway processes that then must be killed by an admin or it slows the server down to a crawl. This is suboptimal. The administration tools are improved in 4.0 (in 3.5 it relies too heavily on command line options and XMLConfig(which gets awfully squirrely past 10,000 lines)), though I haven't done enough serious deployment on it to speak to it's stability/performance.

A far worse evil is doing webfear development using Visual Age for Java.

"e-business" middleware from IBM, based around Java technology. Some of the technologies involved include servlets, JavaServer pages, XML, Java Beans, EJB and CORBA.

Essentially a suite of technologies for companies wishing to integrate their business with the web, it is designed around the WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere MQ.

WebSphere Studio is the most important component for developers, along with much other supporting software such as VisualAge for Java.

It is a large suite, and there are many other products available as part of or for use with it, such as WebSphere Commerce Suite (for e-commerce support) and Lotus Domino.

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