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A language designed by Ralf S. Engelschall, for creating websites. Or more accurately, an off-line HTML generation toolkit, for unix. One interface allows the use of a nine pass sequential filtering scheme, each pass of which is in a different language. Passes are:

  • Include Pre-Processor (IPP)
  • High level Macro processor (mp4h)
  • (Embedded) Perl (ePerl)
  • Low-level Macros (GNU m4)
  • Diversion Filter
  • Character/String substiution (ASubst)
  • HTML Fixup (HTMLfix)
  • HTML Stripping (HTMLstrip)

Anyways, it looks to be a cool (meta) language, and a neat way to produce larger websites, and multiple web pages from one source file. Plus I like embedding Perl snippets in the source file, and includes, and... Well, I plan to use it anyway. I'd much rather use that than some WYSYWIG, point-n-drool HTML editor, which produces lousy code.

Even if it's acronym, WML, does conflict with WAP Markup Language. Hey, I wonder if you could use it to produce that? WML-based WML generation... mmmm.

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