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Wedgwood Ale House

8515 35th Ave. NE
Seattle, Washington 98115
Tel: 206-527-2676

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'm a beverage-driven man. As soon as I've had enough coffee for the day, it isn't long before I'm craving a cool, delicious beer. There is no better place at which to settle in for a couple microbrews than the Wedgwood Ale House.

What is the Wedgwood Ale House like? Imagine that you and your 20-, 30-, 40-something friends are tired of listening to ear-shattering music, ignoring fall-down drunks, or having to fight your way through throngs of undergrads to get a pint. You just want a nice friendly place that feels like your uncle's den. So you decide to clear out your basement and make a hangout you and your friends can escape to. You leave the alternating light green/dark green linoleum tiles down, because, hey, you're not made of money. You build yourself a horseshoe shaped bar and plop a dozen barstools around it. You mount the TV at the opening of the horseshoe, right above the 18 taps. You get the best local microbrews and include a few imports for variety. Why not throw in a hard cider? You don't bother with bottles, because you like your beer fresh. You only keep a little "grape juice" around to be polite. You put in a bunch of booths around the walls and a few tables to fill out the floor. And you put in a cool dart board. Classic jazz plays frequently on the CD player.

Luckily you don't have to clear out your basement, because this place already exists in Rob Paulson's Wedgwood Ale House. It's just like your dream hangout, except, even better, it's above ground in a storefront which lets in plenty of Seattle daylight. Not only that, but you can get one of the best burgers in town -- the beef is marinated and tastes like those you'd get in the UK. There's even a small side room in which you can take the whole family. (By WA state law, minors are not permitted in places which have tavern alcohol licenses. No, not even infants.)

The clientele is almost exclusively local, but don't let that discourage you -- Wedgwood is a great neighborhood. Smoking is permitted, but the smoke is not overwhelming, at least in the earlier hours. Like all public establishments in Washington, smoking was banned on December 8, 2005.

They now serve top shelf liquor too. Sort of like what you'd do if you won a few grand in the lottery.

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