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Consider yourself lucky. The Soviets, if I am not mistaken, experimented with a 10-day week for a while: eight days at the Red October Tractor Factory, and only two days of rest in which to contemplate Marx and Lenin.

On a more serious note, I urge you to be thankful for the two days you do have, and to enjoy them as much as possible. My wife is now in the eighth year of her training as an MD; and for the past six years, this has meant she's worked almost every day, and often in shifts of 36 hours or longer. The very concept of "weekend" has long since ceased to have any meaning for me, as all the days now more or less clump together. I don't have the same appreciation for "Saturday," for instance, that I did as a kid...now, Tuesday might fill that role, assuming my wife has any amount of time off. But in the grand scheme of tings, I'm damn happy to have her, even if we do get only about one day in every three or four weeks to relax as a couple.

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