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Weet-bix is (are?) the breakfast food of Australian kids.

"Aussie kids, are Weet-bix kids..."

Hear it? Yeah... Aussie kids.

Anyway, Weet-bix is most often eaten with milk, and sugar sprinkled on top, sometimes with banana instead. Quite often with Milo. Weet-bix in winter is a substitute for porridge when you put hot milk on it.

Actually, Weet-bix is a substitute for porridge any time of the year because it goes VERY mushy and takes on the appearance of gruel when you put milk on it. The ads suggest you can eat them dry, with slices of banana, but they're very dry when they're... ahem... dry. I've tried it with honey or peanut butter, but I'm not really into it.

Weet-bix is (are?) made by Sanitarium, which is an Australian Seventh-Day Adventist owned company.

Their popularity in Australia can probably be attributed to the rampant advertising that says that sporting legends eat twelve weetbix a day. These things are about 8x5x2 cm in size, and they wonder why kids are getting fat. Well this probably isn't true as weetbix are very healthy, but I find that many a little excessive.

The weetbix challenge is to eat ten or more without any liquid - milk or water. You might think this is easy but these things are fucking sponges. Good luck.
Interesting, here in New Zealand, the current weetbix advertisments claim that the four of the All Blacks, sporting legends in New Zealand's eyes can only eat totals of 4, 5, 6, and 8 weetbix (admittedly they were only kids, but I could eat 12 when I was young).

A party trick is to get some gullible fool to eat a dry weetbix as fast as possible, and attempt to make them laugh as they do it for an entertaining sight!

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