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Weird Wars is the latest excellent game from Pinnacle Entertainment Group, makers of Deadlands, Deadlands Hell on Earth and Fields of Honor.

Quoted from their own site "War rips Europe asunder, drowning its verdant forests and plains in Allied and Axis blood.

Cities burn. Men die by the thousands. And a mad Austrian searches the globe for ancient occult artifacts to tighten his iron grip on the world!

But where there is violence and horror, there are monsters. Hideous things that stalk the forests of the Ardennes, lay in wait on the steppes of Russian, or prowl the ruined streets of Stalingrad.

Into their slavering maws walk heroes, men and women who survive not only the horror of war, but the terror of the things that prey in its blood-stained shadows.

The Weird Wars Roleplaying Game tells the tales of these grim heroes. Some want to save the world, others just want to survive the night."

Shane Hensley, the creator, says the inspiration came from the dream sequence in American Werewolf in London, in which Orks dressed up as Nazi Stormtroopers burst into a room. His vision was also aided by old DC Weird War Tales comic books.

Weird Wars will make use of the D20 Open Gaming License and is currently undergoing development and playtesting.

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