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IP ports 0 through 1023

(forward to 1024-2047) (forward to 2048-3071) (forward to 3072-49151)

See http://www.iana.org/assignments/port-numbers for the official list; here is a reformatted, corrected, and linkified version, as of June 6, 2001:

Keyword        Decimal        Description
-------        -------        -----------
                  0/tcp,udp   Reserved
tcpmux            1/tcp,udp   TCP Port Service Multiplexer
compressnet       2/tcp,udp   Management Utility
compressnet       3/tcp,udp   Compression Process
rje               5/tcp,udp   Remote Job Entry
echo              7/tcp,udp   Echo
discard           9/tcp,udp   Discard
systat           11/tcp,udp   Active Users
daytime          13/tcp,udp   Daytime (RFC 867)
qotd             17/tcp,udp   Quote of the Day
msp              18/tcp,udp   Message Send Protocol
chargen          19/tcp,udp   Character Generator
ftp-data         20/tcp,udp   File Transfer [Default Data]
ftp              21/tcp,udp   File Transfer [Control]
ssh              22/tcp,udp   SSH Remote Login Protocol
telnet           23/tcp,udp   Telnet
                 24/tcp,udp   any private mail system
smtp             25/tcp,udp   Simple Mail Transfer
nsw-fe           27/tcp,udp   NSW User System FE
msg-icp          29/tcp,udp   MSG ICP
msg-auth         31/tcp,udp   MSG Authentication
dsp              33/tcp,udp   Display Support Protocol
                 35/tcp,udp   any private printer server
time             37/tcp,udp   Time
rap              38/tcp,udp   Route Access Protocol
rlp              39/tcp,udp   Resource Location Protocol
graphics         41/tcp,udp   Graphics
name             42/tcp,udp   Host Name Server
nameserver       42/tcp,udp   Host Name Server
nicname          43/tcp,udp   Who Is
mpm-flags        44/tcp,udp   MPM FLAGS Protocol
mpm              45/tcp,udp   Message Processing Module [recv]
mpm-snd          46/tcp,udp   MPM [default send]
ni-ftp           47/tcp,udp   NI FTP
auditd           48/tcp,udp   Digital Audit Daemon
tacacs           49/tcp,udp   Login Host Protocol (TACACS)
re-mail-ck       50/tcp,udp   Remote Mail Checking Protocol
la-maint         51/tcp,udp   IMP Logical Address Maintenance
xns-time         52/tcp,udp   XNS Time Protocol
domain           53/tcp,udp   Domain Name Server
xns-ch           54/tcp,udp   XNS Clearinghouse
isi-gl           55/tcp,udp   ISI Graphics Language
xns-auth         56/tcp,udp   XNS Authentication
                 57/tcp,udp   any private terminal access
xns-mail         58/tcp,udp   XNS Mail
                 59/tcp,udp   any private file service
                 60/tcp,udp   Unassigned
ni-mail          61/tcp,udp   NI MAIL
acas             62/tcp,udp   ACA Services
whois++          63/tcp,udp   whois++
covia            64/tcp,udp   Communications Integrator (CI)
tacacs-ds        65/tcp,udp   TACACS-Database Service
sql*net          66/tcp,udp   Oracle SQL*NET
bootps           67/tcp,udp   Bootstrap Protocol Server
bootpc           68/tcp,udp   Bootstrap Protocol Client
tftp             69/tcp,udp   Trivial File Transfer
gopher           70/tcp,udp   Gopher
netrjs-1         71/tcp,udp   Remote Job Service
netrjs-2         72/tcp,udp   Remote Job Service
netrjs-3         73/tcp,udp   Remote Job Service
netrjs-4         74/tcp,udp   Remote Job Service
                 75/tcp,udp   any private dial out service
deos             76/tcp,udp   Distributed External Object Store
                 77/tcp,udp   any private RJE service
vettcp           78/tcp,udp   vettcp
finger           79/tcp,udp   Finger
http             80/tcp,udp   World Wide Web HTTP
www              80/tcp,udp   World Wide Web HTTP
www-http         80/tcp,udp   World Wide Web HTTP
hosts2-ns        81/tcp,udp   HOSTS2 Name Server
xfer             82/tcp,udp   XFER Utility
mit-ml-dev       83/tcp,udp   MIT ML Device
ctf              84/tcp,udp   Common Trace Facility
mit-ml-dev       85/tcp,udp   MIT ML Device
mfcobol          86/tcp,udp   Micro Focus Cobol
                 87/tcp,udp   any private terminal link
kerberos         88/tcp,udp   Kerberos
su-mit-tg        89/tcp,udp   SU/MIT Telnet Gateway
dnsix            90/tcp,udp   DNSIX Securit Attribute Token Map
mit-dov          91/tcp,udp   MIT Dover Spooler
npp              92/tcp,udp   Network Printing Protocol
dcp              93/tcp,udp   Device Control Protocol
objcall          94/tcp,udp   Tivoli Object Dispatcher
supdup           95/tcp,udp   SUPDUP
dixie            96/tcp,udp   DIXIE Protocol Specification
swift-rvf        97/tcp,udp   Swift Remote Virtural File Protocol
tacnews          98/tcp,udp   TAC News
metagram         99/tcp,udp   Metagram Relay
newacct         100/tcp       [unauthorized use]
hostname        101/tcp,udp   NIC Host Name Server
iso-tsap        102/tcp,udp   ISO-TSAP Class 0
gppitnp         103/tcp,udp   Genesis Point-to-Point Trans Net
acr-nema        104/tcp,udp   ACR-NEMA Digital Imag. & Comm. 300
cso             105/tcp,udp   CCSO name server protocol
csnet-ns        105/tcp,udp   Mailbox Name Nameserver
3com-tsmux      106/tcp,udp   3COM-TSMUX
rtelnet         107/tcp,udp   Remote Telnet Service
snagas          108/tcp,udp   SNA Gateway Access Server
pop2            109/tcp,udp   Post Office Protocol - Version 2
pop3            110/tcp,udp   Post Office Protocol - Version 3
sunrpc          111/tcp,udp   SUN Remote Procedure Call
mcidas          112/tcp,udp   McIDAS Data Transmission Protocol
ident           113/tcp
auth            113/tcp,udp   Authentication Service
audionews       114/tcp,udp   Audio News Multicast
sftp            115/tcp,udp   Simple File Transfer Protocol
ansanotify      116/tcp,udp   ANSA REX Notify
uucp-path       117/tcp,udp   UUCP Path Service
sqlserv         118/tcp,udp   SQL Services
nntp            119/tcp,udp   Network News Transfer Protocol
cfdptkt         120/tcp,udp   CFDPTKT
erpc            121/tcp,udp   Encore Expedited Remote Pro.Call
smakynet        122/tcp,udp   SMAKYNET
ntp             123/tcp,udp   Network Time Protocol
ansatrader      124/tcp,udp   ANSA REX Trader
locus-map       125/tcp,udp   Locus PC-Interface Net Map Ser
nxedit          126/tcp,udp   NXEdit
locus-con       127/tcp,udp   Locus PC-Interface Conn Server
gss-xlicen      128/tcp,udp   GSS X License Verification
pwdgen          129/tcp,udp   Password Generator Protocol
cisco-fna       130/tcp,udp   cisco FNATIVE
cisco-tna       131/tcp,udp   cisco TNATIVE
cisco-sys       132/tcp,udp   cisco SYSMAINT
statsrv         133/tcp,udp   Statistics Service
ingres-net      134/tcp,udp   INGRES-NET Service
epmap           135/tcp,udp   DCE endpoint resolution
profile         136/tcp,udp   PROFILE Naming System
netbios-ns      137/tcp,udp   NETBIOS Name Service
netbios-dgm     138/tcp,udp   NETBIOS Datagram Service
netbios-ssn     139/tcp,udp   NETBIOS Session Service
emfis-data      140/tcp,udp   EMFIS Data Service
emfis-cntl      141/tcp,udp   EMFIS Control Service
bl-idm          142/tcp,udp   Britton-Lee IDM
imap            143/tcp,udp   Internet Message Access Protocol
uma             144/tcp,udp   Universal Management Architecture
uaac            145/tcp,udp   UAAC Protocol
iso-tp0         146/tcp,udp   ISO-IP0
iso-ip          147/tcp,udp   ISO-IP
jargon          148/tcp,udp   Jargon
aed-512         149/tcp,udp   AED 512 Emulation Service
sql-net         150/tcp,udp   SQL-NET
hems            151/tcp,udp   HEMS
bftp            152/tcp,udp   Background File Transfer Program
sgmp            153/tcp,udp   SGMP
netsc-prod      154/tcp,udp   NETSC
netsc-dev       155/tcp,udp   NETSC
sqlsrv          156/tcp,udp   SQL Service
knet-cmp        157/tcp,udp   KNET/VM Command/Message Protocol
pcmail-srv      158/tcp,udp   PCMail Server
nss-routing     159/tcp,udp   NSS-Routing
sgmp-traps      160/tcp,udp   SGMP-TRAPS
snmp            161/tcp,udp   SNMP
snmptrap        162/tcp,udp   SNMPTRAP
cmip-man        163/tcp,udp   CMIP/TCP Manager
cmip-agent      164/tcp,udp   CMIP/TCP Agent
xns-courier     165/tcp,udp   Xerox
s-net           166/tcp,udp   Sirius Systems
namp            167/tcp,udp   NAMP
rsvd            168/tcp,udp   RSVD
send            169/tcp,udp   SEND
print-srv       170/tcp,udp   Network PostScript
multiplex       171/tcp,udp   Network Innovations Multiplex
cl/1            172/tcp,udp   Network Innovations CL/1
xyplex-mux      173/tcp,udp   Xyplex
mailq           174/tcp,udp   MAILQ
vmnet           175/tcp,udp   VMNET
genrad-mux      176/tcp,udp   GENRAD-MUX
xdmcp           177/tcp,udp   X Display Manager Control Protocol
nextstep        178/tcp,udp   NextStep Window Server
bgp             179/tcp,udp   Border Gateway Protocol
ris             180/tcp,udp   Intergraph
unify           181/tcp,udp   Unify
audit           182/tcp,udp   Unisys Audit SITP
ocbinder        183/tcp,udp   OCBinder
ocserver        184/tcp,udp   OCServer
remote-kis      185/tcp,udp   Remote-KIS
kis             186/tcp,udp   KIS Protocol
aci             187/tcp,udp   Application Communication Interface
mumps           188/tcp,udp   Plus Five's MUMPS
qft             189/tcp,udp   Queued File Transport
gacp            190/tcp,udp   Gateway Access Control Protocol
prospero        191/tcp,udp   Prospero Directory Service
osu-nms         192/tcp,udp   OSU Network Monitoring System
srmp            193/tcp,udp   Spider Remote Monitoring Protocol
irc             194/tcp,udp   Internet Relay Chat Protocol
dn6-nlm-aud     195/tcp,udp   DNSIX Network Level Module Audit
dn6-smm-red     196/tcp,udp   DNSIX Session Mgt Module Audit Redir
dls             197/tcp,udp   Directory Location Service
dls-mon         198/tcp,udp   Directory Location Service Monitor
smux            199/tcp,udp   SMUX
src             200/tcp,udp   IBM System Resource Controller
at-rtmp         201/tcp,udp   AppleTalk Routing Maintenance
at-nbp          202/tcp,udp   AppleTalk Name Binding
at-3            203/tcp,udp   AppleTalk Unused
at-echo         204/tcp,udp   AppleTalk Echo
at-5            205/tcp,udp   AppleTalk Unused
at-zis          206/tcp,udp   AppleTalk Zone Information
at-7            207/tcp,udp   AppleTalk Unused
at-8            208/tcp,udp   AppleTalk Unused
qmtp            209/tcp,udp   The Quick Mail Transfer Protocol
z39.50          210/tcp,udp   ANSI Z39.50
914c/g          211/tcp,udp   Texas Instruments 914C/G Terminal
anet            212/tcp,udp   ATEXSSTR
ipx             213/tcp,udp   IPX
vmpwscs         214/tcp,udp   VM PWSCS
softpc          215/tcp,udp   Insignia Solutions
CAIlic          216/tcp,udp   Computer Associates Int'l License Server
dbase           217/tcp,udp   dBASE Unix
mpp             218/tcp,udp   Netix Message Posting Protocol
uarps           219/tcp,udp   Unisys ARPs
imap3           220/tcp,udp   Interactive Mail Access Protocol v3
fln-spx         221/tcp,udp   Berkeley rlogind with SPX auth
rsh-spx         222/tcp,udp   Berkeley rshd with SPX auth
cdc             223/tcp,udp   Certificate Distribution Center
masqdialer      224/tcp,udp   masqdialer
direct          242/tcp,udp   Direct
sur-meas        243/tcp,udp   Survey Measurement
inbusiness      244/tcp,udp   inbusiness
link            245/tcp,udp   LINK
dsp3270         246/tcp,udp   Display Systems Protocol
subntbcst_tftp  247/tcp,udp   SUBNTBCST_TFTP
bhfhs           248/tcp,udp   bhfhs
rap             256/tcp,udp   RAP
set             257/tcp,udp   Secure Electronic Transaction
yak-chat        258/tcp,udp   Yak Winsock Personal Chat
esro-gen        259/tcp,udp   Efficient Short Remote Operations
openport        260/tcp,udp   Openport
nsiiops         261/tcp,udp   IIOP Name Service over TLS/SSL
arcisdms        262/tcp,udp   Arcisdms
hdap            263/tcp,udp   HDAP
bgmp            264/tcp,udp   BGMP
x-bone-ctl      265/tcp,udp   X-Bone CTL
sst             266/tcp,udp   SCSI on ST
td-service      267/tcp,udp   Tobit David Service Layer
td-replica      268/tcp,udp   Tobit David Replica
http-mgmt       280/tcp,udp   http-mgmt
personal-link   281/tcp,udp        Personal Link
cableport-ax    282/tcp,udp   Cable Port A/X
rescap          283/tcp,udp   rescap
corerjd         284/tcp,udp   corerjd
fxp-1           286/tcp,udp   FXP-1
k-block         287/tcp,udp   K-BLOCK
novastorbakcup  308/tcp,udp   Novastor Backup
entrusttime     309/tcp,udp   EntrustTime
bhmds           310/tcp,udp   bhmds
asip-webadmin   311/tcp,udp   AppleShare IP WebAdmin
vslmp           312/tcp,udp   VSLMP
magenta-logic   313/tcp,udp   Magenta Logic
opalis-robot    314/tcp,udp   Opalis Robot
dpsi            315/tcp,udp   DPSI
decauth         316/tcp,udp   decAuth
zannet          317/tcp,udp   Zannet
pkix-timestamp  318/tcp,udp   PKIX TimeStamp
ptp-event       319/tcp,udp   PTP Event
ptp-general     320/tcp,udp   PTP General
pip             321/tcp,udp   PIP
rtsps           322/tcp,udp   RTSPS
texar           333/tcp,udp   Texar Security Port
pdap            344/tcp,udp   Prospero Data Access Protocol
pawserv         345/tcp,udp   Perf Analysis Workbench
zserv           346/tcp,udp   Zebra server
fatserv         347/tcp,udp   Fatmen Server
csi-sgwp        348/tcp,udp   Cabletron Management Protocol
mftp            349/tcp,udp   mftp
matip-type-a    350/tcp,udp   MATIP Type A
matip-type-b    351/tcp,udp   MATIP Type B
bhoetty         351/tcp       bhoetty (added 5/21/97)
bhoetty         351/udp       bhoetty
dtag-ste-sb     352/tcp       DTAG (assigned long ago)
dtag-ste-sb     352/udp       DTAG
bhoedap4        352/tcp       bhoedap4 (added 5/21/97)
bhoedap4        352/udp       bhoedap4
ndsauth         353/tcp,udp   NDSAUTH
bh611           354/tcp,udp   bh611
datex-asn       355/tcp,udp   DATEX-ASN
cloanto-net-1   356/tcp,udp   Cloanto Net 1
bhevent         357/tcp,udp   bhevent
shrinkwrap      358/tcp,udp   Shrinkwrap
nsrmp           359/tcp,udp   Network Security Risk Management Protocol
52scoi2odialog    360/tcp,udp   scoi2odialog
semantix        361/tcp,udp   Semantix
srssend         362/tcp,udp   SRS Send
rsvp_tunnel     363/tcp,udp   RSVP Tunnel
aurora-cmgr     364/tcp,udp   Aurora CMGR
dtk             365/tcp,udp   DTK
odmr            366/tcp,udp   ODMR
mortgageware    367/tcp,udp   MortgageWare
qbikgdp         368/tcp,udp   QbikGDP
rpc2portmap     369/tcp,udp   rpc2portmap
codaauth2       370/tcp,udp   codaauth2
clearcase       371/tcp,udp   Clearcase
ulistproc       372/tcp,udp   ListProcessor
legent-1        373/tcp,udp   Legent Corporation
legent-2        374/tcp,udp   Legent Corporation
hassle          375/tcp,udp   Hassle
nip             376/tcp,udp   Amiga Envoy Network Inquiry Proto
tnETOS          377/tcp,udp   NEC Corporation
dsETOS          378/tcp,udp   NEC Corporation
is99c           379/tcp,udp   TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem client
is99s           380/tcp,udp   TIA/EIA/IS-99 modem server
hp-collector    381/tcp,udp   hp performance data collector
hp-managed-node 382/tcp,udp   hp performance data managed node
hp-alarm-mgr    383/tcp,udp   hp performance data alarm manager
arns            384/tcp,udp   A Remote Network Server System
ibm-app         385/tcp,udp   IBM Application
asa             386/tcp,udp   ASA Message Router Object Def.
aurp            387/tcp,udp   Appletalk Update-Based Routing Pro.
unidata-ldm     388/tcp,udp   Unidata LDM
ldap            389/udp       Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
uis             390/tcp,udp   UIS
synotics-relay  391/tcp,udp   SynOptics SNMP Relay Port
synotics-broker 392/tcp,udp   SynOptics Port Broker Port
meta5           393/tcp,udp   Meta5
embl-ndt        394/tcp,udp   EMBL Nucleic Data Transfer
netcp           395/tcp,udp   NETscout Control Protocol
netware-ip      396/tcp,udp   Novell Netware over IP
mptn            397/tcp,udp   Multi Protocol Trans. Net.
kryptolan       398/tcp,udp   Kryptolan
iso-tsap-c2     399/tcp,udp   ISO Transport Class 2 Non-Control over TCP
work-sol        400/tcp,udp   Workstation Solutions
ups             401/tcp,udp   Uninterruptible Power Supply
genie           402/tcp,udp   Genie Protocol
decap           403/tcp,udp   decap
nced            404/tcp,udp   nced
ncld            405/tcp,udp   ncld
imsp            406/tcp,udp   Interactive Mail Support Protocol
timbuktu        407/tcp,udp   Timbuktu
prm-sm          408/tcp,udp   Prospero Resource Manager Sys. Man.
prm-nm          409/tcp,udp   Prospero Resource Manager Node Man.
decladebug      410/tcp,udp   DECLadebug Remote Debug Protocol
rmt             411/tcp,udp   Remote MT Protocol
synoptics-trap  412/tcp,udp   Trap Convention Port
smsp            413/tcp,udp   Storage Management Services Protocol
infoseek        414/tcp,udp   InfoSeek
bnet            415/tcp,udp   BNet
silverplatter   416/tcp,udp   Silverplatter
onmux           417/tcp,udp   Onmux
hyper-g         418/tcp,udp   Hyper-G
ariel1          419/tcp,udp   Ariel
smpte           420/tcp,udp   SMPTE
ariel2          421/tcp,udp   Ariel
ariel3          422/tcp,udp   Ariel
opc-job-start   423/tcp,udp   IBM Operations Planning and Control Start
opc-job-track   424/tcp,udp   IBM Operations Planning and Control Track
icad-el         425/tcp,udp   ICAD
smartsdp        426/tcp,udp   smartsdp
svrloc          427/tcp,udp   Server Location
ocs_cmu         428/tcp,udp   OCS_CMU
ocs_amu         429/tcp,udp   OCS_AMU
utmpsd          430/tcp,udp   UTMPSD
utmpcd          431/tcp,udp   UTMPCD
iasd            432/tcp,udp   IASD
nnsp            433/tcp,udp   NNSP
mobileip-agent  434/tcp,udp   MobileIP-Agent
mobilip-mn      435/tcp,udp   MobilIP-MN
dna-cml         436/tcp,udp   DNA-CML
comscm          437/tcp,udp   comscm
dsfgw           438/tcp,udp   dsfgw
dasp            439/tcp       dasp      Thomas Obermair
dasp            439/udp       dasp      tommy@inlab.m.eunet.de
sgcp            440/tcp,udp   sgcp
decvms-sysmgt   441/tcp,udp   decvms-sysmgt
cvc_hostd       442/tcp,udp   cvc_hostd
https           443/tcp,udp   http protocol over TLS/SSL
snpp            444/tcp,udp   Simple Network Paging Protocol
microsoft-ds    445/tcp,udp   Microsoft-DS
ddm-rdb         446/tcp,udp   DDM-RDB
ddm-dfm         447/tcp,udp   DDM-RFM
ddm-ssl         448/tcp,udp   DDM-SSL
as-servermap    449/tcp,udp   AS Server Mapper
tserver         450/tcp,udp   TServer
sfs-smp-net     451/tcp,udp   Cray Network Semaphore server
sfs-config      452/tcp,udp   Cray SFS config server
creativeserver  453/tcp,udp   CreativeServer
contentserver   454/tcp,udp   ContentServer
creativepartnr  455/tcp,udp   CreativePartnr
macon-tcp       456/tcp       macon-tcp
macon-udp       456/udp       macon-udp
scohelp         457/tcp,udp   scohelp
appleqtc        458/tcp,udp   apple quick time
ampr-rcmd       459/tcp,udp   ampr-rcmd
skronk          460/tcp,udp   skronk
datasurfsrv     461/tcp,udp   DataRampSrv
datasurfsrvsec  462/tcp,udp   DataRampSrvSec
alpes           463/tcp,udp   alpes
kpasswd         464/tcp,udp   kpasswd
digital-vrc     466/tcp,udp   digital-vrc
mylex-mapd      467/tcp,udp   mylex-mapd
photuris        468/tcp,udp   proturis
rcp             469/tcp,udp   Radio Control Protocol
scx-proxy       470/tcp,udp   scx-proxy
mondex          471/tcp,udp   Mondex
ljk-login       472/tcp,udp   ljk-login
hybrid-pop      473/tcp,udp   hybrid-pop
tn-tl-w1        474/tcp       tn-tl-w1
tn-tl-w2        474/udp       tn-tl-w2
tcpnethaspsrv   475/tcp,udp   tcpnethaspsrv
tn-tl-fd1       476/tcp,udp   tn-tl-fd1
ss7ns           477/tcp,udp   ss7ns
spsc            478/tcp,udp   spsc
iafserver       479/tcp,udp   iafserver
iafdbase        480/tcp,udp   iafdbase
ph              481/tcp,udp   Ph service
bgs-nsi         482/tcp,udp   bgs-nsi
ulpnet          483/tcp,udp   ulpnet
integra-sme     484/tcp,udp   Integra Software Management Environment
powerburst      485/tcp,udp   Air Soft Power Burst
avian           486/tcp,udp   avian
saft            487/tcp,udp   saft Simple Asynchronous File Transfer
gss-http        488/tcp,udp   gss-http
nest-protocol   489/tcp,udp   nest-protocol
micom-pfs       490/tcp,udp   micom-pfs
go-login        491/tcp,udp   go-login
ticf-1          492/tcp,udp   Transport Independent Convergence for FNA
ticf-2          493/tcp,udp   Transport Independent Convergence for FNA
pov-ray         494/tcp,udp   POV-Ray
intecourier     495/tcp,udp   intecourier
pim-rp-disc     496/tcp,udp   PIM-RP-DISC
dantz           497/tcp,udp   dantz
siam            498/tcp,udp   siam
iso-ill         499/tcp,udp   ISO ILL Protocol
isakmp          500/tcp,udp   isakmp
stmf            501/tcp,udp   STMF
asa-appl-proto  502/tcp,udp   asa-appl-proto
intrinsa        503/tcp,udp   Intrinsa
citadel         504/tcp,udp   citadel
mailbox-lm      505/tcp,udp   mailbox-lm
ohimsrv         506/tcp,udp   ohimsrv
crs             507/tcp,udp   crs
xvttp           508/tcp,udp   xvttp
snare           509/tcp,udp   snare
fcp             510/tcp,udp   FirstClass Protocol
passgo          511/tcp,udp   PassGo
exec            512/tcp       remote process execution;
comsat          512/udp
biff            512/udp       used by mail system to notify users
login           513/tcp       remote login a la telnet;
who             513/udp       maintains data bases showing who's
shell           514/tcp       cmd
syslog          514/udp
printer         515/tcp,udp   spooler
videotex        516/tcp,udp   videotex
talk            517/tcp,udp   like tenex link, but across
ntalk           518/tcp,udp
utime           519/tcp,udp   unixtime
efs             520/tcp       extended file name server
router          520/udp       local routing process (on site);
ripng           521/tcp,udp   ripng
ulp             522/tcp,udp   ULP
ibm-db2         523/tcp,udp   IBM-DB2
ncp             524/tcp,udp   NCP
timed           525/tcp,udp   timeserver
tempo           526/tcp,udp   newdate
stx             527/tcp,udp   Stock IXChange
custix          528/tcp,udp   Customer IXChange
irc-serv        529/tcp,udp   IRC-SERV
courier         530/tcp,udp   rpc
conference      531/tcp,udp   chat
netnews         532/tcp,udp   readnews
netwall         533/tcp,udp   for emergency broadcasts
mm-admin        534/tcp,udp   MegaMedia Admin
iiop            535/tcp,udp   iiop
opalis-rdv      536/tcp,udp   opalis-rdv
nmsp            537/tcp,udp   Networked Media Streaming Protocol
gdomap          538/tcp,udp   gdomap
apertus-ldp     539/tcp,udp   Apertus Technologies Load Determination
uucp            540/tcp,udp   uucpd
uucp-rlogin     541/tcp,udp   uucp-rlogin
commerce        542/tcp,udp   commerce
klogin          543/tcp,udp
kshell          544/tcp,udp   krcmd
appleqtcsrvr    545/tcp,udp   appleqtcsrvr
dhcpv6-client   546/tcp,udp   DHCPv6 Client
dhcpv6-server   547/tcp,udp   DHCPv6 Server
afpovertcp      548/tcp,udp   AFP over TCP
idfp            549/tcp,udp   IDFP
new-rwho        550/tcp,udp   new-who
cybercash       551/tcp,udp   cybercash
deviceshare     552/tcp,udp   deviceshare
pirp            553/tcp,udp   pirp
rtsp            554/tcp,udp   Real Time Stream Control Protocol
dsf             555/tcp,udp
remotefs        556/tcp,udp   rfs server
openvms-sysipc  557/tcp,udp   openvms-sysipc
sdnskmp         558/tcp,udp   SDNSKMP
teedtap         559/tcp,udp   TEEDTAP
rmonitor        560/tcp,udp   rmonitord
monitor         561/tcp,udp
chshell         562/tcp,udp   chcmd
nntps           563/tcp,udp   nntp protocol over TLS/SSL (was snntp)
9pfs            564/tcp,udp   plan 9 file service
whoami          565/tcp,udp   whoami
streettalk      566/tcp,udp   streettalk
banyan-rpc      567/tcp,udp   banyan-rpc
ms-shuttle      568/tcp,udp   microsoft shuttle
ms-rome         569/tcp,udp   microsoft rome
meter           570/tcp,udp   demon
meter           571/tcp,udp   udemon
sonar           572/tcp,udp   sonar
banyan-vip      573/tcp,udp   banyan-vip
ftp-agent       574/tcp,udp   FTP Software Agent System
vemmi           575/tcp,udp   VEMMI
ipcd            576/tcp,udp   ipcd
vnas            577/tcp,udp   vnas
ipdd            578/tcp,udp   ipdd
decbsrv         579/tcp,udp   decbsrv
sntp-heartbeat  580/tcp,udp   SNTP HEARTBEAT
bdp             581/tcp,udp   Bundle Discovery Protocol
scc-security    582/tcp,udp   SCC Security
philips-vc      583/tcp,udp   Philips Video-Conferencing
keyserver       584/tcp,udp   Key Server
imap4-ssl       585/tcp,udp   IMAP4+SSL (use 993 instead)
password-chg    586/tcp,udp   Password Change
submission      587/tcp,udp   Submission
cal             588/tcp,udp   CAL
eyelink         589/tcp,udp   EyeLink
tns-cml         590/tcp,udp   TNS CML
http-alt        591/tcp,udp   FileMaker, Inc. - HTTP Alternate (see Port 80)
eudora-set      592/tcp,udp   Eudora Set
http-rpc-epmap  593/tcp,udp   HTTP RPC Ep Map
tpip            594/tcp,udp   TPIP
cab-protocol    595/tcp,udp   CAB Protocol
smsd            596/tcp,udp   SMSD
ptcnameservice  597/tcp,udp   PTC Name Service
sco-websrvrmg3  598/tcp,udp   SCO Web Server Manager 3
acp             599/tcp,udp   Aeolon Core Protocol
ipcserver       600/tcp,udp   Sun IPC server
urm             606/tcp,udp   Cray Unified Resource Manager
nqs             607/tcp,udp   nqs
sift-uft        608/tcp,udp   Sender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer
npmp-trap       609/tcp,udp   npmp-trap
npmp-local      610/tcp,udp   npmp-local
npmp-gui        611/tcp,udp   npmp-gui
hmmp-ind        612/tcp,udp   HMMP Indication
hmmp-op         613/tcp,udp   HMMP Operation
sshell          614/tcp,udp   SSLshell
sco-inetmgr     615/tcp,udp        Internet Configuration Manager
sco-sysmgr      616/tcp,udp   SCO System Administration Server
sco-dtmgr       617/tcp,udp   SCO Desktop Administration Server
dei-icda        618/tcp,udp   DEI-ICDA
digital-evm     619/tcp,udp   Digital EVM
sco-websrvrmgr  620/tcp,udp   SCO WebServer Manager
escp-ip         621/tcp,udp   ESCP
collaborator    622/tcp,udp   Collaborator
aux_bus_shunt   623/tcp,udp   Aux Bus Shunt
cryptoadmin     624/tcp,udp   Crypto Admin
dec_dlm         625/tcp,udp   DEC DLM
asia            626/tcp,udp   ASIA
passgo-tivoli   627/tcp,udp   PassGo Tivoli
qmqp            628/tcp,udp   QMQP
3com-amp3       629/tcp,udp   3Com AMP3
rda             630/tcp,udp   RDA
ipp             631/tcp,udp   IPP (Internet Printing Protocol)
bmpp            632/tcp,udp   bmpp
servstat        633/tcp,udp   Service Status update (Sterling Software)
ginad           634/tcp,udp   ginad
rlzdbase        635/tcp,udp   RLZ DBase
ldaps           636/tcp,udp   ldap protocol over TLS/SSL (was sldap)
lanserver       637/tcp,udp   lanserver
mcns-sec        638/tcp,udp   mcns-sec
msdp            639/tcp,udp   MSDP
entrust-sps     640/tcp,udp   entrust-sps
repcmd          641/tcp,udp   repcmd
esro-emsdp      642/tcp,udp   ESRO-EMSDP V1.3
sanity          643/tcp,udp   SANity
dwr             644/tcp,udp   dwr
pssc            645/tcp,udp   PSSC
ldp             646/tcp,udp   LDP
dhcp-failover   647/tcp,udp   DHCP Failover
rrp             648/tcp,udp   Registry Registrar Protocol (RRP)
aminet          649/tcp,udp   Aminet
obex            650/tcp,udp   OBEX
ieee-mms        651/tcp,udp   IEEE MMS
hello-port      652/tcp,udp   HELLO_PORT
repscmd         653/tcp,udp   RepCmd
aodv            654/tcp,udp   AODV
tinc            655/tcp,udp   TINC
spmp            656/tcp,udp   SPMP
rmc             657/tcp,udp   RMC
tenfold         658/tcp,udp   TenFold
url-rendezvous  659/tcp,udp   URL Rendezvous
mac-srvr-admin  660/tcp,udp   MacOS Server Admin
hap             661/tcp,udp   HAP
pftp            662/tcp,udp   PFTP
purenoise       663/tcp,udp   PureNoise
secure-aux-bus  664/tcp,udp   Secure Aux Bus
sun-dr          665/tcp,udp   Sun DR
mdqs            666/tcp,udp
doom            666/tcp,udp   doom Id Software
disclose        667/tcp,udp   campaign contribution disclosures - SDR Technologies
mecomm          668/tcp,udp   MeComm
meregister      669/tcp,udp   MeRegister
vacdsm-sws      670/tcp,udp   VACDSM-SWS
vacdsm-app      671/tcp,udp   VACDSM-APP
vpps-qua        672/tcp,udp   VPPS-QUA
cimplex         673/tcp,udp   CIMPLEX
acap            674/tcp,udp   ACAP
dctp            675/tcp,udp   DCTP
vpps-via        676/tcp,udp   VPPS Via
vpp             677/tcp,udp   Virtual Presence Protocol
ggf-ncp         678/tcp,udp   GNU Generation Foundation NCP
mrm             679/tcp,udp   MRM
entrust-aaas    680/tcp,udp   entrust-aaas
entrust-aams    681/tcp,udp   entrust-aams
xfr             682/tcp,udp   XFR
corba-iiop      683/tcp,udp   CORBA IIOP
corba-iiop-ssl  684/tcp,udp   CORBA IIOP SSL
mdc-portmapper  685/tcp,udp   MDC Port Mapper
hcp-wismar      686/tcp,udp   Hardware Control Protocol Wismar
asipregistry    687/tcp,udp   asipregistry
realm-rusd      688/tcp,udp   REALM-RUSD
nmap            689/tcp,udp   NMAP
vatp            690/tcp,udp   VATP
msexch-routing  691/tcp,udp   MS Exchange Routing
hyperwave-isp   692/tcp,udp   Hyperwave-ISP
connendp        693/tcp,udp   connendp
ha-cluster      694/tcp,udp   ha-cluster
ieee-mms-ssl    695/tcp,udp   IEEE-MMS-SSL
rushd           696/tcp,udp   RUSHD
uuidgen         697/tcp,udp   UUIDGEN
olsr            698/tcp,udp   OLSR
accessnetwork   699/tcp,udp   Access Network
elcsd           704/tcp,udp   errlog copy/server daemon
agentx          705/tcp,udp   AgentX
silc            706/tcp,udp   SILC
borland-dsj     707/tcp,udp   Borland DSJ
entrust-kmsh    709/tcp,udp   Entrust Key Management Service Handler
entrust-ash     710/tcp,udp   Entrust Administration Service Handler
cisco-tdp       711/tcp,udp   Cisco TDP
netviewdm1      729/tcp,udp   IBM NetView DM/6000 Server/Client
netviewdm2      730/tcp,udp   IBM NetView DM/6000 send/tcp
netviewdm3      731/tcp,udp   IBM NetView DM/6000 receive/tcp
netgw           741/tcp,udp   netGW
netrcs          742/tcp,udp   Network based Rev. Cont. Sys.
flexlm          744/tcp,udp   Flexible License Manager
fujitsu-dev     747/tcp,udp   Fujitsu Device Control
ris-cm          748/tcp,udp   Russell Info Sci Calendar Manager
kerberos-adm    749/tcp,udp   kerberos administration
rfile           750/tcp
loadav          750/udp
kerberos-iv     750/udp       kerberos version iv
pump            751/tcp,udp
qrh             752/tcp,udp
rrh             753/tcp,udp
tell            754/tcp,udp   send
nlogin          758/tcp,udp
con             759/tcp,udp
ns              760/tcp,udp
rxe             761/tcp,udp
quotad          762/tcp,udp
cycleserv       763/tcp,udp
omserv          764/tcp,udp
webster         765/tcp,udp
phonebook       767/tcp,udp              phone
vid             769/tcp,udp
cadlock         770/tcp,udp
rtip            771/tcp,udp
cycleserv2      772/tcp,udp
submit          773/tcp
notify          773/udp
rpasswd         774/tcp
acmaint_dbd     774/udp
entomb          775/tcp
acmaint_transd  775/udp
wpages          776/tcp,udp
multiling-http  777/tcp,udp   Multiling HTTP
wpgs            780/tcp,udp
concert         786/tcp,udp   Concert
qsc             787/tcp,udp   QSC
mdbs_daemon     800/tcp,udp
device          801/tcp,udp
fcp-udp         810/tcp,udp   FCP Datagram
itm-mcell-s     828/tcp,udp   itm-mcell-s
pkix-3-ca-ra    829/tcp,udp   PKIX-3 CA/RA
dhcp-failover2  847/tcp,udp   dhcp-failover 2
rsync           873/tcp,udp   rsync
iclcnet-locate  886/tcp,udp   ICL coNETion locate server
iclcnet_svinfo  887/tcp,udp   ICL coNETion server info
accessbuilder   888/tcp,udp   AccessBuilder
cddbp           888/tcp       CD Database Protocol
omginitialrefs  900/tcp,udp   OMG Initial Refs
smpnameres      901/tcp,udp   SMPNAMERES
ideafarm-chat   902/tcp,udp   IDEAFARM-CHAT
ideafarm-catch  903/tcp,udp   IDEAFARM-CATCH
xact-backup     911/tcp,udp   xact-backup
ftps-data       989/tcp,udp   ftp protocol, data, over TLS/SSL
ftps            990/tcp,udp   ftp protocol, control, over TLS/SSL
nas             991/tcp,udp   Netnews Administration System
telnets         992/tcp,udp   telnet protocol over TLS/SSL
imaps           993/tcp,udp   imap4 protocol over TLS/SSL
ircs            994/tcp,udp   irc protocol over TLS/SSL
pop3s           995/tcp,udp   pop3 protocol over TLS/SSL (was spop3)
vsinet          996/tcp,udp   vsinet
maitrd          997/tcp,udp
busboy          998/tcp
puparp          998/udp
garcon          999/tcp
applix          999/udp       Applix ac
puprouter       999/tcp,udp
cadlock2       1000/tcp,udp
surf           1010/tcp,udp  surf
               1023/tcp,udp  Reserved

Well, bis's writeup is certainly a prime example of factual noding and I cannot say anything against it. However, when I saw the node title, I thought of something very different indeed. My passion is not for computers (lovable little humming boxes though they are), but for well-made examples of red port wine, otherwise known as porto or by the actual name of the region of Portugal that most well known ports hail from--Oporto.

Some of the most prominent port shipping houses include:

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