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West Yellowstone is a small town of around 1000 people, located in Montana, at the western entrance of Yellowstone National Park. Although most of Yellowstone National Park lies in the state of Wyoming, one of the easiest ways to enter it is to fly into the city of Bozeman, Montana and then drive south through the Gallatin River valley. For this reason, West Yellowstone is probably the most common town to pass through before visiting the park.

West Yellowstone is on the same high plateau as the rest of Yellowstone National Park, and has one of the coldest climates in Montana, and in the coterminous United States, with temperatures able to drop to near freezing all year long, and with temperatures becoming truly fierce in winter.

The economy of West Yellowstone is almost totally based on tourism, as could be expected from a town that is next to America's greatest national park. Despite its isolated location and fierce weather, West Yellowstone is usually (especially in the summer), bustling with people arriving or departing from Yellowstone National Park.

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