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Term used by Bruce Lee in his writings to distinguish it from Chinese Boxing, also known as kung fu.

Having a very scientific and analytical mind, Bruce studied all types of martial arts, and broke them down according to their strengths and weaknesses. His verdict on Boxing was very good; he liked the punching style of putting the hip into it rather than punching from a static stance. He studied the footwork of Sugar Ray Robison and Muhammad Ali. And he also took note of the way boxers trained versus the way martial artists were training at the time; boxers did a lot of running, rope jumping, bag work, sparring, pushups, situps, etc. Much emphasis was placed on physical fitness and endurance, which was not really in the regimens of that time.

The drawbacks Bruce listed were mainly that boxing is a sport with rules, and listed all the things you can't do- kick, elbow, knee, wrestle, etc. This is important though because the style is then adjusted to be nominally effective within the confines of the rules. This means that since they aren't worried about kicks or leg tackles, they have a stance that would leave their legs open to a kicker or a grappler.

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