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This is among the buzzphrases that bosses say that they think that make them sound intelligent, but really just makes them sound like idiots. It essentially means "What other evil crap can we make you do?" How come they don't just say that? Because they want you to feel like the workplace is a home. A place where you fill up your plate with delicious homecooked projects and fabulous baked "team building efforts," when we all know that work is just the place to spend 40+ hours weekly so we can then afford to do the things we really like.

Usage: This is used when a grunt looks like he or she isn't grunting quite as much they should be. However, avoiding more "items" being added to your imaginary "plate" is easy, especially when you work in a tech field. Just describe whatever it is you're doing in extremely technical terms that your boss surely doesn't understand and they will just automatically assume you're busy. You are then free to wisely spend your time playing Tetris and looking at porn.

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