It seems that any time eugenics is mentioned in the media now-a-days, it is portrayed as a bad thing. We here at Fascist Forum think this is a horrid misrepresentation of a perfectly good concept, and would like to take steps to correct this.

Eugenics is merely an application of Darwin's theory of natural selection to the human race. It is the promotion of the best of human traits, strength, intelligence, humor, and beauty. It is striving to encourage people who posses these traits to procreate, and thereby increase the likelihood of passing along these traits on to a new generation. It also attempts to discourage those who possess the opposite of these traits, the stupidest, weakest people, those genetically prone to serious illness, to not mate, and therefore reduce the contamination of the gene pool, and the burden upon future generations.

However, oftentimes in modern society, the opposite of this happens. The most intelligent, capable people are often too busy with stressful careers to raise large families, whereas those who are less as well off tend to have many more children. As this trend continues, in time the overall quality of the human race shall decline, and the gap between those in power, and those without, in the capitalist system the rich and the poor, will widen as the actual number of the people in power decrease, whilst the powerless breed like rabbits. In time, the rich shall be the only ones able to afford adequate food and medical care, whereas the poor will be a huge seething mass of humanity, barely able to feed themselves, let alone being able to better their situations.

The solution to this problem, of course, is eugenics. Now everyone talks about eugenics like there's something wrong about it! But in truth, eugenics shall be the only hope that we have of bettering the lives of all members of the human race. If we can simultaneously increase the number of smart, fit, capable people, while reducing the population of stupid, lazy worthless scum, humankind will surely prosper. We will become more efficient as we rid ourselves of some of the unproductive excess population. Also as the concentration of intelligent people becomes higher, we will have more scientists, more inventors, able to develop more and more better ways of developing products and raising crops. As we get more smart managers, we shall have better methods of distribution, and will see less of the world's resources go to waste.

If left unchecked however, the situation of the poor shall become even more intolerable, and in time they will rise up against those they see as their "oppressors", and will likely be ruthlessly slaughtered by the security forces of the powerful, who unlike the masses are actually able to afford weapons, able to hire well trained, disciplined guards to ensure their own safety. These elite corps of warriors shall, with their high-tech weaponry, plow through the rabble much in the same way that the bow of a boat cuts through water. The masses, unable to afford the clothes on their back and the food they eat, let alone weapons, shall not stand a chance. The blood would flow in mighty torrents, merely due to the fact that generations earlier, society found the concept of eugenics distasteful.

Eugenics is not only the key to a better future, it may well be the only hope for the survival of the human race.

Note: This is an article I wrote for the Fascist Forum section of a satirical engineering newspaper that never got published. It does not nessisarily reflect the views of the author.

Oh who am I kidding. Of course it does.

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