This is a question asked a lot, and the cluelessness of it often pisses me off. Do a little research and use your head for chrissake.

VMware - a commercial product which virtualizes an x86 PC, allowing one to natively run an operating system in a window on x86 hardware.

WINE - a free reimplementation of the Windows libraries, *nixified. This library is no different from your libc, so to speak. By this I mean absolutely no emulation or virtualization is done. Can load Windows .exe's on x86 platforms.

bochs - a free 486 emulator (NOT virtualization!) Code is interpreted, not run natively.

plex86 - a free reimplementation of VMware based on bochs. Essentially, bochs with the emulation engine replaced with virtualization.

So there you have it. If you're still confused, consider yourself smacked upside the head by yours truly. Stop asking.

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