To consider the world as a single thing is problem indeed. The world is not made up of one people with one mind all following one path, but rather billions of people in hundreds of countries, states or other political units with thousands of unique cultures.

What is right for one group may not be right for another. Unfortunately, there exist double standards with how these groups are treated. While it is acceptable for some countries to fraction, it is unacceptable for separatists in others - at least from one groups point of view.

Ireland is an excellent example of this, and yet, I cannot pretend to understand all the background as to why there is conflict. Nor do I understand the complete history of the conflicts in eastern Europe or the middle east, or the far east. Many of these conflicts have been smoldering for hundreds (and at times thousands) of years.

In many cases, those people fighting have a long history for fighting for the cause. Mothers look upon their children with pride who go off to fight for it, firm in their belief that to die for the cause is to be assured a better place in the afterlife.

It is unfortunate that people die when there is food elsewhere. And yet, to give food out freely has made people dependant upon others. Taking a third world country and brining mechanized agriculture there has wrecked ecological havoc upon the area.

Bringing modern medicine to areas that have previously been without has greatly increased the life expectancy of individuals there - and increased the population pressure when previously out of 10 children 2 or 3 survived to all 10 surviving to adulthood.

Unemployment abounds in some areas, and a chance for a job - even in a sweat shop where wages are below sustenance level is better than going completely without. Un-ethical corporations will use whatever means they can to go to places where work is cheap. The solutions to this rely upon raising the quality of living everywhere - it is not something that can be done with the snap of a finger.

Unfortunately, there are two forces pulling us. On one end, many of us want freedom - freedom of religion, of the press, of speech - all the things that have been granted to the citizens of the United States. On the other side, many of us want social justice and some governmental group to force these ideals upon all the other nations of the world.

Who are we - citizens of the western nations world to go about forcing our politics, policies and philosophies upon others - and at times we do. And what right does anyone else have to force their politics upon me?

There are political prisoners and prisoners of conscious in every country in the world. What is acceptable for a journalist to do in America may not be acceptable in China or Iraq. I don't know who has it right - on one hand we have the freedom of the press and the paparazzi - while on the other hand the restrictions of not being able to print anything that goes against the government.

And while we in the west sit back and say 'no one should be imprisoned for their political or religious beliefs' there are laws against polygamy, and foreigners who visit the United States have been warned that sex with their 14 year old wives can be considered sudatory rape (which would be perfectly acceptable in the country they came from).

To effect any lasting change for the better, many cultures will have to give up their identify, and many governments will loose power. Who's right way to world happiness is right? I don't know... and I doubt anyone can say with certainty that their way is. I am certain that even those who belive with a deep conviction that they have the right way will have difficulty convincing billions of people to give up their way of life.

The answers are not simple.

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