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You’re on your way to the record store, it’s Saturday. Saturday afternoon

You get your allowance Friday afternoon. Saturday morning you have chores

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday.

School, homework


Sunday, the record store’s closed. 

Half a block down Kimbrough, then right on Midland Avenue. 

There's an album you want to buy. The album is going to cost you seven Fridays. 

East on Midland. Three blocks. You’re almost to the record store. There’s a stop sign, at the corner of Midland and Ellzey. 

A guy in an army jacket is sitting on the corner. You’re coming up behind him. From the Midland side. 

The guy is leaning back against the stop sign. 

He’s on the corner. 


He’s got it in his hand


The guy is jerking off. At a stop sign. On Saturday afternoon. 

He sees you. Smiles. 

You turn, heading west on Midland. Three blocks, and you’re back to your street, Kimbrough. 

What do you say. 

What do you do.

School, homework. 


Sunday, the record store’s closed.

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