And so it begins. Maybe.

The big fuss, currently, is over the FDA's ratification of the usage of RU-486 within the U.S.

And this morning, standing there ordering my latte, I was does this affect me?

I was having a sizable debate the other day on a bbs regarding to what degree one could stand aside from issues, let thing happen, and not be too concerned. After all... I'm just one voice, and many of these things don't directly insert themselves in my life, get in my what's the bother, right?

Never mind how they may indeed affect me strongly down the road. We don't live in a long view society.

I recall my father stating that if Sodom and Gomorrah needed to get hit with the big one for their crimes against God and man, then the U.S. was really in for it. This was something of a paraphrase I believe, I'm not saying it was an original statement.

But as an individual who's always believed that the pro-life argument was the correct one - if painly short on details, context, and a good plan of attack - this really brings me up short.

What, after all, is the difference between a condom to prevent the fertilization, and immediately aborting the kid a week after the fertilization?

Yeah, it's still a potential. But is that ejaculation that the condom or pill blocks effectiveness in.

I've long labored under the difficulty of finding "right" answers...because we don't live in a world which has an awful lot of "right" or "good" in it...merely a lot of "okay" and "it'll do".

As Harlan Ellison states in the intro he does for Sandman, we live in a world of mediocrity. We get by, and do our best to ignore or escape perfection.

Life may indeed be precious. Even special.

But am I doing it any favors by insisting that it come into this world? A world where we treat symptoms rather than causes? A world where we're much more likely to solve problems with anger and violence than with mercy and understanding?

Where perfection is greeted with derision and fear, and mediocrity is embraced on a society wide level? After all, there is no such thing as genius...

Maybe potential is even feared in this world. After all, what if this child is the next Hitler, Stalin, Jeffery Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Suddam Hussein? What if they create the cure for cancer, which creates another disease which wipes out humanity? What if Hoopy Frood is actually the anti-christ, and I'm his loofah boy?


In any case...Yes, I think that this drug, this proceedure, is yet another brick in the wall...but I don't know what's being built. I can't see the shape of it, the direction. Or maybe it's actually more of a cancer, a directionless, bulging thing that will eventually implode out of it's own lack of direction and order. It's impossible to say.

It's fine to care about things. To say that "This is an important issue". But so what? If it's just part of the smoke screen, the ever present "blah"...then what is it really treating? What part of the human spirit of the current society will the utilization, or banning, of this drug truly save or condemn? And will we ever really know?

I can't see the forest for the trees. nin: down in it. It's swallowed my whole, and it's just another issue...

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