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Your soul color can be found by obtaining thermo-sensitive mood card from your local hospital. Let me elaborate... remember mood rings? A lot of hospitals give children cards with a heat sensitive membrane on them that changes color in reaction to heat changes. They are supposedly mood cards, I am guessing they determine your mood by if you're warm, you're not dying and if you're cold you might be in the operating prep room waiting to get knifed open. So, saying this I come to the conclusion that dead = unhappy, a warm body = happy. The living are in a good mood and the dead are in a bad mood, generally. People in hell - although dead - are known to show up as a happy exception. This is logical, citing AcDc saying "Hell ain't a bad place to be." Now, the reason I come to say that these mood cards can also read the color of your soul is that generally, according to the ideals/religion that you live by you are happy if you follow the guidelines to be a good X. So, in your opinion if you are happy, you aren't worrying about going to where ever your idea of the end destination for bad people. Since the soul is an abstract idea I declare that its color be determined by other influencing factors (the mood card.)

According to this hypothesis I am a very evil, very dead, very unhappy person with a subnormal body tempature. Or my mood card is broken.

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