Well well, a nodeshell. The obvious first thing to do is establish a link to What do guys think of girls who hook up with random guys?. Now for some opinion:

This depends on the level of entropy in the pseudo-random selection. A simple pseudo-random system, like 'I will close my eyes and count to 1,000 and re-open them, then will hook up with the guy nearest to me on a line directly perpendicular to my table' wouldn't be a terribly respect-generating selection system compared to saying 'I will select each individual guy a 32-bit integer using this multiply-with carry generator:

x(n)=2111111111x(n-4)+1492x(n-3)+1776x(n-2)+5115x(n-1)+carry mod 2^32.

and, when I have assigned each guy a number, I will arrange them in numerical order, and hook up with the guy with the highest number.'

Clearly, any girl capable of appreciating the difference between random and pseudo-random, the entropy benefits of multiply-with-carry and the ability to perform such complex equations in her head is a more-than acceptable dating candidate; there aren't that many about, so it's hard to be picky.

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