I ask people that a lot. It comes out "Whadda ya think?" Got it from my father. He says it a lot too. Very few people ever come up with a decent answer. Guess they don't think much. The very best one I've ever heard:

"Let the man do his job. The elephant must find his own way home."

Jeff said that one time,when I asked, very matter of factly. Apparently it was a line from some movie which had dropped into his brain the moment I asked.

Best one my dad ever heard:

"I think a pound of flour would make one hell of a big biscuit"

That's gotta be my favorite.

A section in the humor magazine, the Onion. Every week an intriguing question is asked to six people on the street. Of course, it's always the same six people though. Well, kinda'. You've got the Old White Business Guy, June Cleaver, Average White Guy, Old Black Guy, Uppity Woman, and finally the most entertaining, Foreign Guy. While all six characters will have different jobs every week, Foreign Guy has the distinction of being a different ethnicity every week. I've seen him as a Mexican, Indian, Iraqi and a Turk to list a few.

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