So I’m sitting in a room with 7 guys. As always, am the only girl. It seem that in most of my social scenes I find myself surrounded by guys, and never anyone of my own gender. I wish that they were in my harem, but to them I am only 'that girl' that dates one of their friends.

I’m one of those chicks that only seems to have guy friends. My closest female acquaintance lives in Wales, and I see her about once every 3 months. We gossip and talk online, and to me that seems to be one of the best relationships that i could ask for. I mean, I wouldn’t mind her being here for when I feel the urge to shop, or go see a cutesy movie, or stare at hot guys. That’s about when all my guy pals sorta pat me on the head, and look at me funny. But then again nothing can be perfect.
So while the guys sit on their computers playing warcraft 3, watching porn, and burping constantly, I wonder if I should feel privileged to be let into their world.

Girls who I talk to complain about how their guy always feel more comfortable with their friends rather than them, but when guy breaks out of the manners he put on for her, girl is kinda like ‘what just happened to who you were 5 minutes ago?’ and then guy goes back into his shell. When around girlfriend they aren’t allowed to look at other girls, meanwhile I’ve been known to get phone numbers for my friends who don’t think they can get anywhere near the hot chick they see walking down the street. I dunno. At times it irks me that I have to hear about what they want in a girl, and then when I try to be that, how they want it in any girl, but not in me. I’m one of the boys. Should I be proud to have all the insider information? I know what my closest guy friends want in a girl, what they hate, and how they’d react if you kissed here, and flicked your finger there. Or what guys think of girls with cleavage, or big asses, and how most honestly don’t care. ‘more cushion for the pushin’ I was always told. After a while of guys talking about each other’s moms, and how they have the biggest penis in the room you start to look at all guys differently. ‘Does my boyfriend do things like this?’ you think. Of course he does. He isn’t perfect, he’s only human like the rest of the guys in the room who are throwing tacos at each other, and bitching about me putting down the toilet seat.

But then again I like sitting here and listening to things that girls have done that have left lasting impressions, and what completely turned them off, no matter how hot the girl was. I like knowing what I should and should not do if I happen to see a hot guy walk by. Smiling at him is a good thing, along with eye contact. Be bold. Making the first move also gets you bonus points in most cases. I like being able to have my computer fixed if I make them a sandwich *rolls eyes* and how because I am like a little sister to them they’ll ask me advice that they’d be afraid to ask of the other guys. It’s curious how when they’re all together it’s all about who kicked who’s ass in what game and whatever caught their attention span for the next 5 seconds, but alone they almost seem decent. I feel more comfortable around these n00bs who sit and play resident evil for the millionth time for the secret passages than I do other girls. Why? They aren’t nearly as critical or hormonal. They don’t care if I sweat while playing dance dance revolution. They don’t care if my hair is a mess, and I sing at the top of my lungs in their red sports cars with horrible paint jobs, or that I don’t feel like going to the mall to see the cute guy at electronics boutique for the 3rd time this week. Sure they make fun of me because I can’t code, or play pool, but when they scratch on the 8 ball, or I point out some site that they like, they shut up after a while.

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