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The princess stepped forward, looking back with a shy smile as the king and queen wept for their daughter. The knaves handed the girl her balloons, fervently gleaming with brilliant colors — bright hues of red, orange, yellow, and blue, illuminated by the blinding skies above her. Giving a cordial wave to the crowd that was gathered around her, she leapt up, and the ground relinquished its hold on her. Her feet left the earth and she was pulled toward the sky, the grand kingdom gradually shrinking before her eyes as the people's heads moved upward to watch her. The princess had freedom within her grip now, and every one of her worldly onuses drifted and dissipated into the vastness of the skies.

By now, the lands had conglomerated into a single entity, which she felt all too eager to leave behind. She tightened her grip on the balloons, their powers bringing her up to a new world. The earth accepted her departure and the sky welcomed her to its domain. Her crown carried a burdensome weight, and she gingerly removed it from her head and threw it downward, feeling the relief that accompanies the abandonment of an encumbrance. Otherworldly angels flocked around her, observing the newcomer in their realm. They blessed her with an exhilarating bliss that enveloped her soul and made her one of them, great wings unfurling from her back and a halo shimmering into existence above her head. She let go of her memories of the past; all that existed was the present, and a pleasant one it would be.

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