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A young taekwondo star named Esther Kim has dreamed of making the Olympic team her whole life. And the Olympics this time around will premier taekwondo as a competition.

Kim was only one step away from her lifelong dream at the finals of the Olympic trials. All she had to do was defeat her friend and training partner, Kay Poe. Poe is ranked Number One in the world in the flyweight division. A problem arose, however. Poe's knee had been injured in the previous match.

Kim, 20, said, "She was bawling she was in so much pain. It seemed like every second that went by, her knee swelled up more. It was like it was going to explode." So Kim had a decision to take: Should she defeat Poe easily and go on to her lifelong dream?

Kim took an instant decision, but it was a decision to forfeit the match. This sent Poe to the Olympics automatically.

Kim's dad is the coach for both Kim and Poe. He says he respects his daughter's choice with these words: "I've prayed to God, 'Help give Esther strength.' I want her to believe it was the right decision, forever and ever."

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