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What tasty food would be distusting if eaten over rice? is the #1 question of all time on the default subreddit r/AskReddit on Reddit with it's over 13,000,000 subscribers. Yes that's how the OP (original poster) spelt it, and yes the misspelling was mentioned at least 200 times while the question was active.

This post is also the #3 post ever made on Reddit.com

It was upvoted over 38,000 times (2nd highest upvoted was 12,000 - less than half as many. Reddit does this thing called "vote fuzzing" however so those totals aren't an exact reflection of the total votes the post actually received. The original poster also received 13X Reddit gold for the post (alot for a post)

This post made it to the TOP of /r/All - meaning millions were seeing it on their front page. It brought people by the droves to find out why some post about eating things on Rice was at the TOP of r/all. They didn't seem to realize it was THEM joining making comments like "Why is this the TOP post on r/All" or "Do you guys really think he's eating all that stuff???" things like that kept us all laughing all night and the thread becoming more and more popular by the minute.

The OP of the thread was just 14 years old at the time, and was responding to so many of the comments that he was a very popular OP.

When he started that thread he had around 5,000 karma... by the end of the night he had over 150,000 karma (more than most Redditors receive in a few years) That means his responses in that thread were upvoted 150,000 times MORE than they were downvoted.

By the next day he'd spawned a meme known to almost all Redditors (I've seen it used elsewhere on the net as well)

The meme usually goes like this

Your comment 10/10 your comment with rice 10/10


Your poem 8/10 your poem on rice 10/10.

Since that post was done the OP /u/DO_U_EVN_SPAGHETTI has become known all over Reddit. I invited him to /r/counting and he was a hit "It's the rice guy!!"

So if you ever see 10/10 with rice. Enjoy knowing the idea was thought up by a 14 year old - who had no idea when he made the thread that it would get more than 10-20 responses. There were over 7000 responses in just 24 hours.

To view the post and the hilarious comments and all the various suggestions people made of what he should eat on his rice go to:


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