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I have a single sock drawer, containing my socks and underwear in absolutely no order. When they're cleaned, they get thrown in the drawer.

I see no reason to organize them, I try to keep underwear on the left and socks on the right. I can't class them by how comfy they are, if they're not comfy, I throw them out. Color in underwear is irrelevant. Color in socks, in my opinion, is just as irrelevant.

When I get up in the morning, I reach into my drawer, grab a pair of socks and a pair of underwear, dress myself, put on my robe, and go to the bathroom to do what needs to be done. I am in the dark until I get to the bathroom, so I can't pick the color of my socks.

I started wearing shoes constantly about four years ago. My feet feel dirty when dry, and the little sweat buildup I get from wearing shoes keeps my nice and comfy. Yet another reason why I don't care about the color of my socks.

A few years ago I was hanging out with my nephew, we were watching TV. I felt like putting my feet up, so I removed my loafers, and put my feet up on the coffee table. Displaying for all the mis-matchedness of my socks.

"Hey, uh... Your socks don't match."
"Ya, I know."
"Are you going to fix them?"
"Fix what?"
"Your socks."
"What's wrong with them?"
"They don't match."
"Well, you won't be, uh... Symmetrical!"
"So, if I'm not symmetrical will that be the downfall of civilization? What about all those people who wear shirts that have only one pocket on the left side? And your earrings, you've got three studs in your left ear, but none in your right. And how people part their hair, it's on the left or right, but rarely in the middle. And what about buttons, huh? Now quiet, your making me miss Star Trek."

Everybody I meet who notices my socks has a problem with them. They fail to understand how anyone can purposely wear mis-matched socks. Whereas I fail to understand why you need to color coordinate something you never look at.

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