What: The unfled and unrepentant requests your presence for a nodermeet.

Where: There has been grovelling, and the meet will be taking place in Moonee Ponds, Melbourne, Australia at the residence of heppigirl and tWD. This is a few stops out of the city by train, and 3 minutes walk from the station. /msg heppigirl for detailed directions

When: Sunday 27th August 2006, from 1pm onwards.

Why: People can be nasty, but they can also be delightfully dreamy individuals... I need to collect a few more of the latter and that means you. Besides, it's high time I met some of one of my favourite persons most favourite people. And a dare is a dare... Let's get more than 6 people in attendance, and have me hailed a hero.

Anything else you should know?

Music: Music is the food of life. I have of late been listening to some of the beloved mix CD's gifted to me by noders. Lovingly named after nodes such as I suggest you dance. If you need a reason, I'm sorry., or the touching Around nine PM my heart was breaking so I went to bed early to listen to it happen.. Now, here is your mission: Dig out some songs, dust them off, and make a compilation for the meet. Node titled mixes are a must, but not compulsory.

Allergies: The location of the meet is a house with cats, so antihistamine up if need be.

Food: Food will be provided, but bringing a plate of your favourites would be a lovely gesture.

BYO: Soft drinks, and limited alcohol will be provided, but why not add to the stash and make certain your preferred drop is available to save disappointment.

RSVP: Please RSVP as soon as possible, to save heppigirl any added stress in having to guess numbers of mouths to feed.

Any questions /msg either heppigirl or myself

I have received a gleeful nod of the head from the following:

I have received a woeful shake of the head and a tear from the following:
  • Achromatic Will be in another land at the time of the meet
  • SharQ I shall bring along some sparklers and play pretend that you are there (not that they would be an adequate substitute for your flame show, let alone your lovely self, but you have to start somewhere, and I do have a wonderfully creative imagination).
  • ascorbic So little time, so far to swim...
  • wertperch Aww... whose chest-hair am I suppose to dye this time round then?
  • The Debutante Mix cd's from this delightful noder for us to listen to on the day, have me all a quiver.
  • Sontra We're looking at possible internet sending in order to have this noder in attendance
  • La petite mort Will endevour to inflict her personality on us by calling from the wilds of Wimbledon. Via Skype
  • Kalon "Oh the lamentation! The wailing!"
  • panamaus Heres to hoping to see him down under again before too long
  • Major General Panic"If I weren't on another continent and booked for the day, I'd come"
  • Oolong "I would simply *love* to attend, but alas! I have an opera booked for that day. In Edinburgh."
I have received a non-committal head-wobble from the following:

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