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A particularly excellent and entertaining book by Stanley Bing. It begins with the expected preface, introduction, et cetera, then goes on to define what obstacles would be in the way of becoming a really Machiavellian son of a bitch. Then it gets to the interesting part; it actually answers the question posed by the title... let me pick out an example...

He would exploit himself only slightly less than he exploits others

These guys get up at the break of day. But they don't really have to get up, because they don't sleep. And they don't sleep because they can't. There's a famous story about IBM chieftain Lou Gerstner, a notorious behemoth, who reportedly turned to his wife one fine Sunday afternoon and said, "I really can't wait to get to the office tomorrow." Most guys are sitting around waiting for the barbecue to heat up, a nice frosty tumbler of Absolut resting on their midsection. Not Lou Gerstner. He can't wait to get to the office.

That's a powerful asset.

I hope that's enough to get you to hunt for the book. It's quite splendiferous.

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