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Why it's important to read this before you begin writing

Everything2 may be unlike anything you have met before. We have some standards of what is, and is not acceptable. Everything2 is not truly "everything"; it is an edited web publication with standards. Reading and digesting this may save some embarrassment later.

  • By submitting a writeup to Everything2 you are granting us the right to publish it on the internet. Therefore, you must hold the copyright for your writeup, or have permission from the copyright holder, or work within the confines of Fair Use. See Everything2 Copyright and Fair Use FAQ
  • Writeups should be in English. See Using languages other than English on Everything2
  • Writeups must be correctly formatted using HTML. If you do not know HTML, see E2 HTML Tags or go to Writeup Settings and check the box labelled "Use TinyMCE WYSIWYG content editor to Edit writeups". Please do not use a word processor to generate HTML for E2, as it leaves an unholy mess that is difficult to edit.
  • To keep the database well connected, writeups should contain hard links and soft links to other writeups. Do this using [square brackets]. See Links on Everything2
  • Writeups will be held to a high standard of spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Writeups should, in the most general sense, be well-written. Comment-style writeups generally fare poorly, and may be removed. E2 is neither a bulletin board, Facebook nor Urban Dictionary.
  • Writeups should not contain hate speech, personal attacks on other users, or reveal another users personal details. Gross impropriety may result in removal.
  • Writeups failing to meet these standards will receive downvotes and negative feedback, and may be deleted. See Writeup deletion

Beyond these basic guidelines, there is absolutely no official or unofficial policy on what type of material is acceptable on Everything2. We accept encyclopaedic factuals, diary entries, personal experiences, biographies, polemics, short stories, multi-part stories, aphorisms, recipes, travel advice, opinion pieces, reviews, rants, pet theories, poetry, outright lies and much which defies conventional classification.

If this is not clear, ask questions in the Chatterbox or approach the E2 Staff

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Last updated on January 29, 2017

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